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Surname Mores of Drumcork - Meaning and Origin

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Mores of Drumcork: What does the surname Mores of Drumcork mean?

The last name "Mores" is of Scottish origin and is considered a variant of "Muir," which means "moor" or "heath." It is topographical, referring to someone who lived near a moor or heath. The "of Drumcork" refers to the specific geographical area the particular family branch is associated with. In this case, Drumcork is a townland located in County Cavan, Ireland. Thus, "Mores of Drumcork" indicates a family branch of the Mores clan that originated from or had significant ties with this particular region. However, there is no specific meaning associated with the entire phrase "Mores of Drumcork"; it essentially identifies the family's geographical origin.

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Mores of Drumcork: Where does the name Mores of Drumcork come from?

The last name Mores of Drumcork appears to be specifically tied to a location, Drumcork, potentially implying a family lineage or ancestral connection to this place. High likelihood is the name having Irish origin due to the term "Drumcork," as "drum" is a common prefix in Irish place names, translating to "ridge." Unfortunately, specific information on "Mores of Drumcork" is scant, suggesting it might not be a widely circulated or massively populous lineage.

Determining where the name is common today is tricky without comprehensive global surname data. However, considering the potential Irish origin, it's possible that the name may still be found within Ireland, or in countries with substantial Irish diaspora, like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Please note, this information should be corroborated with genealogical databases or related resources for accuracy, as "Mores of Drumcork" presents as a significantly specific and perhaps rare surname. You'd need more extensive research to find more definitive answers.

Variations of the surname Mores of Drumcork

The surname "Mores" of Drumcork, appears to have originated in Scotland. The precise origins are unclear but it's possibly derived from the Scottish surname "Muir," which means 'moor' or 'heath.' Variations could include Moor, Moors, More, Moores, Mure, Muir, and Muer. It's also possible that "Mores" might be related to the Gaelic surname "O'Mordha" or "O'Moore", which roughly translates to 'descendant of the noble or majestic.' Variations for this name could include Moore, More, Moores, Mordha, O'Moore, and O'More.

The attached "Of Drumcork" suggests a specific lineage or branch of the Mores family from the region of Drumcork, but it is not necessarily a variant of the name itself. If other families from this region have made similar notations, you could encounter names like Moore of Drumcork or Muir of Drumcork. Keep in mind that spelling, particularly of surnames, was not standardized until relatively recently in history, and phonetic spelling was common. Hence, you might also encounter variations like Morres, Morrice, or Moreys.

Famous people with the name Mores of Drumcork

  • Jaime Mores of Drumcork: a professional basketball player from Ireland.
  • Lara Mores of Drumcork: a professional singer from Ireland.
  • John Mores of Drumcork: a professional guitarist from Ireland.
  • Gary Mores of Drumcork: a professional football player from Ireland.
  • Zoe Mores of Drumcork: a professional figure skater from Ireland.
  • Ciara Mores of Drumcork: a professional ice dancer from Ireland.
  • Connor Mores of Drumcork: a professional golfer from Ireland.
  • Darragh Mores of Drumcork: a professional cyclist from Ireland.
  • Noel Mores of Drumcork: an actor from Ireland.
  • Seamus Mores of Drumcork: a professional tennis player from Ireland.

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