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Surname Motton - Meaning and Origin

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Motton: What does the surname Motton mean?

The last name Motton is an English surname that comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “mott,” which is derived from the Old English “mot” (meaning a rent-paying farm tenant). The name was initially used to refer to a tenant farmer, and was likely a status name indicating a person of some rank within the community.

The origins of Motton can be traced back to as early as the 12th century when it appeared in records as de Motun, de Mottun, de Mottone, and de Motone in various regions of England. The placename of Mottram, located in Cheshire, is derived from the Old English word “mot” and likely indicates a farm or group of farms that paid rent to a tenant farmer named Motton.

Alternate spelling versions of the name include Moten, Mottam, Motan, and Mottram. It is still a fairly common surname today in the U.K., particularly in the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Leicestershire. The surname can also be found in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

The Motton surname is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word, indicating that it was likely held by someone of some standing within society. It is a relatively common surname today with a rich history dating back centuries.

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Motton: Where does the name Motton come from?

The last name Motton is most commonly found in the southern United States. The states that have the most people with Motton as a last name include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Motton is derived from Motlow, which means Hill and Valley Town. It is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, originating in the county of Staffordshire or Shropshire in England. The earliest known recordings of the name Motton date back to the 1500s, when England was colonizing the New World.

Today, Motton families are scattered throughout the south. The majority are concentrated in the states of Alabama and Georgia. In Alabama, the cities with the most Motton families are Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma, and Decatur. In Georgia, the cities with the highest Motton population are Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah.

The surname Motton is not as common as it once was, but it still exists in many parts of the country. Many Motton families have histories that date back generations, and many still proudly carry this unique family name.

Variations of the surname Motton

Motton is an Anglo-Saxon surname typically found in England, Scotland, and parts of North America. Historically, the variant spellings and surnames of Motton evolved from Mot(e)oun, Moton, Mot(e)oen, and Mouton.

The root of the surname Motton is found in the Old and Middle English terms ‘mote’ and ‘tun’ meaning ‘marsh’ and ‘enclosure’, respectively. Simply put, this means ‘marsh enclosure’ indicating the geographical origin of the surname, or an area of marsh land that the family owned.

The other common variants and spellings of the surname Motton include Motten, Mooton, Mooten and Mootin, all of which are derived from the Middle English forms Motoun, Motoen and Mouton. Additionally, the variants Moton, Moote, and Mowat can all be found.

The surname Motton can also be found in various other countries and regions around the world, with different spellings and surname variations. In Germany the variants are Motte, Mott, Motte, and Motteler, while in France it is spelled Mouton. In Spain and Italy, it is spelt differently, as Moton and Monton. In Wales, the variants are Mooton, Moton, and Mutten. In the United States and Canada, the variants are typically Mooton, Mowan, and Mowat.

No matter where the surname originates from, the name Motton and its variants and spellings all have a connection to the Old and Middle English term ‘mote’, and refer to a marsh or marsh-like area.

Famous people with the name Motton

  • Roberta Mottin, Brazilian actress
  • John Mottin, former mayor of Vancouver
  • Mark Mottin, professional footballer from South Africa
  • Richard Mottin, Olympic sailor
  • Alex Mottin, Italian Grand Prix motorcycle racer
  • Marlene Mottin, Brazilian politician
  • John Mottin Jr., former Marine Corps Officer and Vietnam War veteran
  • Willie Mottin, professional baseball player
  • Chuck Mottin, Canadian football player
  • Terry Mottin, Canadian television news anchor and reporter.

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