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Surname Moubray - Meaning and Origin

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Moubray: What does the surname Moubray mean?

The surname Moubray is believed to be of French origin, specifically from Normandy. It is derived from the Old Norman personal name "Moubert," which itself is made up of two Germanic elements: "moda", meaning "courage" or "spirit" and "berht", signifying "bright" or "famous." Thus, the name can be interpreted as one who is "famously brave". Other scholars suggest that the name may have originated from a place called Montbrai in France's Manche department. This surname was brought to England during the Norman Conquest in the 11th century and has various spellings, including Mowbray, Mowbrey, and Moubray. Like many surnames, over time it has spread throughout the English-speaking world due to migration and the expansion of the British Empire. Noteworthy bearers of this surname have included members of British and Scottish nobility.

Moubray: Where does the name Moubray come from?

The last name Moubray is an ancient Norman name dating back to pre-Conquest times in England. Today, it is found in England, France, and some parts of Ireland and Scotland. It is common mostly in the British Isles with the majority of Moubrays residing in England.

In England, the Moubray family has been extensively documented since early records began in 1186. The name is most commonly found in Lancashire, Norfolk, and London, although there are still Moubrays living in other counties across the country. Records show a Moubray family living in Devon since at least 1700.

In France, the Moubray name is found most extensively in Brittany, although there are some Moubrays living in France’s other regions as well.

In Scotland, Moubrays can be found in the Borders area and the Highlands, with some also living in northern England.

In Ireland, the Moubray name is rarer, but it can still be found in some parts of the northern and western regions of the country.

Overall, the name Moubray is still relatively common in the British Isles. It not as widespread as it once was, but there are still Moubrays living in England, France, Scotland, and Ireland today.

Variations of the surname Moubray

Moubray is a surname of French origin. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for this surname include Moubré, Moubrey, Mobray, Mobrey, Moubréy, Moubre, Moubreau, Moubreau, Moubrou, Moublay, Moubry, Moubrye, Moubraye, and Moubray.

Moubray is generally derived from the Latin word ‘ambactus’, which in French is spelled ambeau. It is an old-fashioned and respected profession, serving as a messenger or emissary of a ruler or noble. In contemporary times, it is believed that the surname likely began as a nickname for someone who performed this role.

The variant spellings of the Moubray surname include Moubré, which is very similar to the French spelling of ‘ambeau’, Moubrey, which is an English version of the French spelling, Mobray, which is the spelling in some German and Italian dialects, Mobrey, which is a variant spelling of Mobray, Moubre, which is a less common variant used in some English speaking countries, and Moubreau, Moubreau, Moubrou, Moublay, Moubry, Moubrye, Moubraye and Moubray, which are all likely misled from the original French spelling.

The great number of variants and spellings for the Moubray surname may make tracing one’s ancestors with this name confusing and difficult at times. However, it is important to be aware of all the different variations of this surname in order to make the process of finding one’s ancestors much easier.

Famous people with the name Moubray

  • Gavin Moubray: a member of the internationally renowned FitzGibbon Brothers bluegrass band (formerly known as The Moubray Brothers Band)
  • Jacqueline Moubray: a professional cellist
  • Christian Moubray: a vintage and bridal shoe designer
  • Connor Moubray: a professional equestrian and polo player
  • Nick Moubray: a television news anchor
  • David Moubray: a professional actor
  • Adrian Moubray: a former professional basketball player
  • Molly Moubray: a successful interior design blogger
  • Juliette Moubray: a renowned artist
  • Jamile Moubray: a published author and motivational speaker
  • Max Moubray: a professional football player
  • Lachlan Moubray: a renowned fashion photographer
  • Florrie Moubray: a popular Instagram influencer
  • Carlotta Moubray: a high profile real estate developer
  • Lucille Moubray: a movie and television producer
  • Samuel Moubray: an award-winning environmentalist
  • Hank Moubray: a restaurateur
  • Bill Moubray: a renowned private jet pilot
  • Chris Moubray: a world-famous motorbike racer
  • David Moubray: a professional tennis player.

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