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Surname Muellner - Meaning and Origin

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Muellner: What does the surname Muellner mean?

The last name Muellner is of German origin, and is found predominantly in Germany and Austria. It is a variation of the name Müller or Millar, which derive from the Middle High German word millere or melere, meaning “miller” or “maltster”. This was a craftsman who operated grain or malt mills. Variations of the name Müller found throughout Europe include Muller, Mullerin, Mullerin, Mullers, Mullerli, and Muellner. In north America, it often takes the spellings of Millar, Miller, Millner and Mullen.

The Muellner surname may also be found in other nations such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the United States. This name was likely brought to North America by German immigrants in the 19th century in search of a better life, and the name has since spread to other parts of the globe.

The Muellner surname is an important part of German history and culture, and is a reminder of the hardworking craftsmanship of its original bearers. It is likely that many far-reaching families can trace their ancestry back to skilled artisans in Germany.

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Muellner: Where does the name Muellner come from?

The last name Muellner is most commonly found in Germany and Austria today. It is a surname originating from the German language and was most likely a nickname or descriptive term denoting a person with a characteristic of a miller or someone who lived near a mill.

The name is relatively common in Germany and Austria, and also found in Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland. Though not as common in the United States or other countries, the name is still found in those places.

The name has many different spelling variations, such as Müeller, Mueller, Muehler, Muller, Mullner, Millner and Mullner, to name a few. Depending on the region the spelling can change slightly, but the meaning and origin remain the same.

The Muellner family name was found in early records, such as the church records of Bavarian Swabia in 1597 which included the weddings of Thomas Müllner and Gertraud Wenschermann, and Anna Müllnerin and Veit Bachmann. Muellner is also found in pre-19th century census records of Prussia, which included records of the Muellner family in 1815.

Today, the name Muellner can be found across Germany, and with a quick online search, people are still going by the last name Muellner in Germany and other countries.

Variations of the surname Muellner

The surname Muellner is an occupational surname derived from the old German word müllner, which meant miller. Variations of Muellner include Muellner, Mueller, Müller, Mullner, Mullar, Müllar, Millen, Millner, and Myller. In foreign language variations, the surname may be spelled as Mullner (German), Müller (German/Dutch), Mullar (Scandinavian).

Muellner is a common surname throughout Europe. In Germany, the surname is most commonly found in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the ninth most common surname in Switzerland and the thirty-eighth most common in Austria. In the United States, Muellner is the thirty-sixth most common surname, and this number is expected to increase over time.

Additionally, the surname is also found in many other countries. In England, the surname is spelled as Millen, Mullar, or Milner. In France, the spelling is Millen or Millon. In Poland, the spelling is Myller or Meller. In Holland, the spelling is Muller. In Ireland, the spelling is Mullar, Mullen, or Miller.

In terms of surnames with the same origin, many surnames with similar spellings and sounds have evolved over the centuries. In English-speaking countries, spellings may vary due to dialectal differences. Examples of similar sounding names include Millard, Mular, Mallard, Mullard, Millward, Mills, Millar, Maller, Millner, Mullner, Milner, Myller, Mallard, Mullin, and Mullen.

Famous people with the name Muellner

  • Christopher Muellner: TV Personality and former editor in chief at QVC, the world’s most popular home shopping television network.
  • Paul Muellner: Founder and president of Commotion Media, a full-service marketing and public relations firm.
  • Frank J. Muellner: Founder and principal of the Civil Engineering firm Muellner and Associates
  • John Muellner: Retired CFO of Parker Corporation and former Regional Vice President of Portland's Better Business Bureau
  • Mark Muellner: Professional hockey player and former member of the Hartford Whalers
  • Jake Muellner: Computer scientist, former executive of Apple and research Director and CEO at Synceiver
  • Neil Muellner: Co-founder of the video advertising startup The Bridge, which he sold in 2011
  • George Muellner: Astronaut and former Deputy Director of NASA’s Planetary Protection Office
  • Florence Muellner: Actress known for roles in films such as The Elaborate Heists of Arturo and Emma and Wildhorse
  • Dick Muellner: US Air Force Major General and former Commander of the 3d Wing

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