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Surname Muldrow - Meaning and Origin

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Muldrow: What does the surname Muldrow mean?

The last name Muldrow is primarily of English origin, derived from the Medieval personal name ‘Devold,’ which was derived from ‘Dafydd,’ or ‘David’ in Welsh. The name was also used by Anglo-Saxon settlers in the same period, as ‘Devold’ was thought to be derived from the Old English personal name ‘Æðelwald.’ As a habitational name, Muldrow is believed to have originated from different places named Muldrow, including Muldrow in Co Durham and Muldrew in Bradford, Lancashire.

As a surname, Muldrow may have been first used by a particular branch of the family, derived from an ancestor whose personal name was Devold, Dafydd, or David. It is also possible that the name was acquired by someone who lived near one of the places that bear the name, and adopted it as their own. In most instances, when a person adopted a habitational name or locative name, they took on the prefix ‘de’ or ‘atte’ when they assumed the name. Thus, the family name of Muldrow could have been created not just from ancestral names but also from a geographical designation.

The last name Muldrow is also part of a cluster of surnames, such as Mullderow and Mouldreow, which are believed to be derived from the Old English words ‘molde’ and ‘hrow,’ meaning ‘sandy hill’ or ‘muddy hill.’ Alternatively, the name is also linked to Moldrow, which suggest hills in Welsh. The purpose of these places was to provide a viewing post, allowing for monitoring of the landscape in the surrounding areas. Journaling of these activities would be associated with those who most likely resided in these locations and quite possibly derive their surnames from the landscape feature itself.

Muldrow: Where does the name Muldrow come from?

The last name Muldrow is most commonly associated with the southeastern United States, particularly Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. The surname spread to other parts of the United States, primarily through migration, and is now found in every state, as far west as Arizona and California.

The origin of the Muldrow name is unclear, but some sources suggest it is a variant of the Old English 'Muldorwe', meaning 'valley where the millstone was found'.

Today, Muldrows are spread throughout the United States, with the majority living in the state of Georgia. The United States Census Bureau observed that the largest concentration of Americans with the Muldrow last name lived in Pierce County, Georgia in 2020. While there, Muldrows make up 0.005% of the population.

Muldrows are also found in other countries such as Canada, Belgium and England. However, their prevalence is much lower outside the United States.

In addition to being frequent names, the spelling of Muldrow is also sometimes used as a first name, particularly for baby girls. According to the Social Security Administration, the name was first used as a first name in 1973, with a total of 13 babies given the name in that same year.

Variations of the surname Muldrow

The surname Muldrow has many variants. It has been spelled differently over the centuries, including Moldrow, Moldrowe, Molrdrow, Moldrho, Moldroe, Mulderow, Milldrow, Mulderowe, Mulldrow, Mulrdrow, Meldrow, Muldroe, Mulldroe, Meldrowe, Muldru, Moldro, Mulrdrowe, and many more. This indicates that it has multiple spellings and possess multiple origins.

This surname is also seen as variants of Mulhouse, Mullhouse, Moolhosue, Molhouse, Maulhous, Mailhouse, Mulhouse, Millhouse, Mulhause, Mallhaus, Mallhouse, Molehouse, Melhouse and more. These are all variations of both the German and English surnames, which come from the Old English word "mula", which mean mill.

The surname can also be found as a variant of Mullinax, which is an English surname derived from the Old English word maelen, meaning "to grind". The Old Welsh variant of the word comes from the word mol, which means "rubbed or ground corn".

The surname Muldrow is also seen as a variant of Mouls, which originated from the locational name in France, and is believed to be derived from the French word moule, which means "mill". This was a common name from the late 17th century in Saint-Malo, France.

Muldrow has also been linked to the surname Mueller, which is a German occupational name for a miller. The name is derived from the German word mühlen, meaning "mill".

It is clear to see that the surname Muldrow has many variants in both English and German, which point to various origins and spellings.

Famous people with the name Muldrow

  • Ramiyah Muldrow: American actress, singer and model.
  • Erskine Muldrow: First African-American to win an Emmy for outstanding cinematography
  • Rochell Muldrow: award-winning stage- and TV- director
  • LaTosha Muldrow: Beautician and internet personality
  • Alexis Muldrow: Former NCAA basketball player
  • Damian Muldrow: NFL Strong Safety
  • Omar Muldrow: Professional basketball player
  • Monique Muldrow: Professional basket ball player
  • Carly Muldrow: Musician and disc jockey
  • Paulina Muldrow: retired college soccer player

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