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Surname Murillo - Meaning and Origin

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Murillo: What does the surname Murillo mean?

The surname Murillo is of Spanish origin and is derived from a geographical location. It is a habitational name, given to individuals who resided near a wall. The name is derived from the Spanish word "murillo", which means "little wall". It refers to a defensive wall or fortification. Thus, the surname signifies a family that lived near a notable city wall or had some significant association with a town or city's fortifications. It is a common surname in Spain and Latin American countries. Like many Spanish surnames, it may also have been used at times in a figurative sense to refer to a person who was a protector or who had a strong, wall-like presence.

Murillo: Where does the name Murillo come from?

The last name Murillo is a very common name today throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and in some countries of Europe and Asia. In the United States, it is most commonly found among the Spanish-speaking population, especially in those of Mexican heritage. According to estimates from the 2019 US Census, more than 188,000 people have the last name Murillo in the United States with the highest concentrations being in California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

The académico Gonzalo Murillo, who helped create the nation of Costa Rica, is cited by historian antecedents as the first known bearer of the surname Murillo in the Americas. The names spread to other countries as Spanish colonization increased throughout Central and South America. Over time, Murillo has become a common last name throughout Latin America, mainly used by people of Spanish, Portuguese, and African descent.

The popularity of the name Murillo has been increasing in other parts of the world as well, especially in Europe. In Spain, Murillo is the 24th most common surname, with around 40,000 people having it. Murillo is also popular in Morocco, the Philippines, and India, with thousands of people having that last name in each country.

All in all, it is safe to say that Murillo is one of the most common last names in the world.

Variations of the surname Murillo

Murillo is a popular Spanish surname with a variety of variants, spellings, and associated surnames. The most common alternative spellings are Muriel, Muriell, and Muriello. These forms may have been used in regions divested from those where Spanish is spoken or in specific cases to adjust the spelling of Murillo sound more localized or phonologicaly similar. For example, Muriel is common in the Basque Country while Muriell is popular in Catalonia.

The most common surnames associated with Murillo are Muñoz, Peredo, and Ramos. These surnames are related to Murillo through the derivatives Muru, Muria, or Muril, as well as through the patronymic suffix -ez, -iz, or -is. It is often believed that the Mur* forms derive from diminutives of the Visigothic name Murius. In addition, Murillo is found in several countries in South America and is derived from Spanish colonization.

Murillo also has various anglicized forms, as well as diminutives and other associated surnames. Anglicized forms include Morillo, Murrill, Murrel, and Murell, the diminutives being Murilin and Murillan, and the associated surnames being Reymurillo, Menmurillo, and Reymuria.

Overall, Murillo is a widely-used surname with a variety of variables depending on the dialect or language of the users. Nevertheless, the original spelling of Murillo remains the most popular and is the basis for many other variants.

Famous people with the name Murillo

  • Juan Murillo: Professional athlete, currently playing for Liga MX club Juárez
  • David Murillo: Retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Nina Murillo: female water polo player, competed in the 2012 London Olympics
  • Elías Murillo: Peruvian footballer, plays in the Liga 1 Professional football league
  • Jozef Murillo: Renowned Spanish sculptor
  • Yakira Murillo: US professional dancer, choreographer, and artist
  • Demi Murillo: Australian-born singer-songwriter
  • Paola Murillo: Colombian-American singer, songwriter, and percussionist
  • Gaby Murillo: Former singer and songwriter from Venezuela
  • Jose Murillo: Colombian violinist and conductor
  • David Murillo: Chilean artist, winner of numerous awards for his paintings
  • Alex Murillo: Spanish Paralympic swimmer, competed in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics
  • Diego Murillo: Mexican actor who has starred in telenovelas and films
  • Marcos Murillo: Costa Rican artist and sculptor, creator of numerous public monuments

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