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Surname Myrick - Meaning and Origin

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Myrick: What does the surname Myrick mean?

The surname Myrick, which has Welsh origins, is a variant of "Merrick". It evolved from the Welsh personal name Meuric, which is a form of Maurice. The name Maurice, of Latin origin, is derived from "Mauritius", meaning "dark" or "moorish". Therefore, the surname Myrick could possibly denote someone of dark or moorish descent.

Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics. So it's possible the surname Myrick may also have been used to identify individuals based on one or more of these categories.

However, as with most surnames, exactly why or when a person or family originally took on the name Myrick may vary greatly from case to case, and would require individual genealogical research.

Myrick: Where does the name Myrick come from?

The last name Myrick is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the 2020 Census, the name Myrick is most concentrated in California, Texas, and Georgia. In California, the Myrick surname is found in multiple large counties including Los Angeles and San Diego. Myrick is also a popular surname in Texas, with the highest population in Harris County (Houston). In Georgia, some of the counties with the most Myrick family names are Clayton, Cherokee, and Forsyth.

The last name Myrick can also be found scattered throughout the other states of the United States, with significantly fewer people carrying the name. According to the US Census, Myrick is a relatively uncommon name, with only an estimated 2,650 people in the entire United States bearing the name.

The surname Myrick appears to be of British or Irish origin, and its historical roots can be traced back to the medieval era. The earliest record of the surname appears in the 11th century when a Myrica family were Lords of the Manor of Castle-Cary in the Andover district of Hampshire, England. Many of the Myrick families that settled in America were of English, Irish, and Scottish descent.

In the modern-day, the last name Myrick is a relatively uncommon one, yet it still persists in many places across the United States, particularly in the states of California, Texas, and Georgia.

Variations of the surname Myrick

Myrick is most likely an Americanized spelling of the Irish and Scottish surname MacRory. The original form of the surname dates back to Ireland where it was used by the ancient Ua Ruairc Clan of Connacht. In Scotland, the name is found in the form of MacRorie or MacRobbie which has evolved into variations such as Myrick, Merrick, Macrory, McRory, McRorie, Myerrick, Morrison, McRobbie, Moryson and McRury.

The name Myrick can also be found in English records, probably taken from the Old French marescall, with the spelling variation being as Mareschal and Myrcal. However, these spellings stayed in the family or had no known connection to the MacRory surname.

The other variants of the name Myrick include Merrick, Meryk, Meryck, Merrik, Merric, Merc, Meurick and Marrek.

The original Scandinavian form of the surname is Marcarius/Meritus. Its spelling in the United States is Merkert, Merkle, Meriwell, Merithew, Merritt, Marrit and Mitchell.

The variants for MacRobbie are McRobie, Robie, Robey, McRabie, McRobby, McRouby, McRobb, Robert and Roberd.

In conclusion, there are many different spellings and surname variants for 'Myrick'. They include MacRory, Merrick, Meryk, Meryck, Merrik, Merric, Merc, Meurick, Marrek, Merkert, Merkle, Meriwell, Merithew, Merritt, Marrit, Mitchell, McRobie, Robie, Robey, McRabie, McRobby, McRouby and Roberd.

Famous people with the name Myrick

  • Ladarius Myrick: NFL cornerback, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs as an un-drafted free agent in 2016.
  • Gary Myrick: Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.
  • Mark Edward Myrick: a retired NFL safety for five seasons in the National Football League.
  • Edlyn Myrick: basketball player for Southern University.
  • Gary Myrick Jr.: musician, vocalists, and actor who has appeared in over 20 TV series.
  • J. W. Myrick: American folk artist and renowned sculptor.
  • Mike Myrick: American professional bodybuilder, producer, artist, author, and legal rights activist.
  • DeWayne Myrick: a former NFL defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Zack Myrick: baseball relief pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system.
  • J. Myrick: a jazz musician and composer who has collaborated with many popular artists, such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Chick Corea.

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