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Surname Paeper - Meaning and Origin

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Paeper: What does the surname Paeper mean?

The last name Paeper originates from German and Dutch roots and is derived from the word pape, which means “father.” This last name likely began as a nickname surname for a father or possibly a clergyman from an early Christian faith. It could have been given to a man of some importance, such as a priest or nobleman, who was respected in the community where he lived.

The Paeper last name could be found in early historical records in Germany, particularly in the western regions of the country. It has since spread to many countries in Europe and beyond.

The meaning of the Paeper last name can be seen in its German translation, with “Pap” meaning father, and “er” meaning son, making it a patronymic surname derived from a father’s name. It is likely that early records show its use as a name given to a father, or a father-like figure who was respected in the community.

The Paeper last name can be found in many parts of the world today, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Australia, and more. It is a testament to how successful and influential a family with the Paeper last name has become over many generations.

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Paeper: Where does the name Paeper come from?

The last name Paeper is not found to be a particularly common surname, as its variations (i.e. Papier, Paeper, Pfeffer) are found in very small numbers across various countries.

In the United States, the surname Paeper is most common in New Jersey, where it is ranked number 1999th out of a total of 17,949 names. In Jersey City, Paeper can be found ranked 642nd out of 899 names. The last name can also be found in smaller numbers within other states like New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.

In Canada, Paeper is not a common surname. It is listed as the 39,426th most common name out of a total of 100,680. According to the Surname Database, this name is mainly found in the province of Alberta.

In Britain and Ireland, Paeper is quite uncommon, and is not even among the top 3,000 surnames. In England, the name is much rarer, being ranked 115th out of a total of 97,371 names. In Scotland, the name is listed as the 7,386th most common name, while in Northern Ireland, this surname is listed as being the 960th most common out of 43,777.

Finally, in Europe, Paeper is a fairly uncommon surname, but it is found in small numbers. In Germany, it is ranked 16,998th out of 82,828, in Austria it is 426th out of 19,779, and in Switzerland it is listed as 2,147th out of 5,912.

In conclusion, the last name Paeper is not particularly common, but it can be found in small numbers across the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, and Europe.

Variations of the surname Paeper

The surnames Paeper, Paepre, Paepers, Papeers, and Paeppers are all variants and spellings of the same origin. All of these surnames are derived from the Low German or Dutch word "pape" which means “father”. According to historical records, Paeper originally began as a patronymic surname used to denote a “son of the father”.

Throughout the centuries, the Paeper surname has evolved in various forms and spellings. Paepers is likely to be the earliest version of the surname, first appearing in Germany in the 16th century. A Holden Paepers was the mayor of Den Haag in 1492. In the Netherlands, Paepre or Paeprs was the spelling most often used. While the German version, Paeper, remains relatively unchanged from its original form.

Papeers and Paeppers are also variants of the Paeper surname. Historically, the spelling Papeers very likely evolved as a result of the Dutch influence in New York in the 1600s.

The Paeper surname has been found in many records and documents in England, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Australia, and various other countries. As such, the surname Paeper may have various spellings and surnames of the same origin depending on the country the family settled in.

Famous people with the name Paeper

  • Rob Paepr: singer and reality TV star
  • James Paepr: NFL Offensive Lineman
  • Brian Paeper: former NFL cornerback
  • Brad Paepr: Olympic track and field athlete
  • Joe Paeper: Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Frank Paeper: former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Steve Paeper: former Major League Baseball coach
  • Tom Paeper: professional wrestler
  • Ryan Paeper: Canadian Football League receiver
  • Kim Paeper: well-known media personality, business woman, and philanthropist

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