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Surname Pafel - Meaning and Origin

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Pafel: What does the surname Pafel mean?

The last name Pafel is believed to be of German origin, and is thought to come from the German word pfahl, meaning "piles of wood." It is believed that this name would have been originally given to someone who worked with wood – such as a woodcarver or a joiner.

The Pafel surname is also related to the surname Pfuhl, which is the German word for a "pond" or "lake." This could mean that the earliest Pafels were water-related workers, such as fishermen or boat-builders.

The name Pafel can also be found in Denmark, as part of the Pfalfen family. This variant of the name could have a military background, as it appears to derive from Pfeffer meaning "offset" or "bath", which would relate to a military fortification.

In any case, the surname Pafel is an old and respected Germanic name, that is strongly associated with the working of wood and/or water. It has been used by many individuals and families over the centuries, and continues to be used as a family name today.

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Pafel: Where does the name Pafel come from?

The last name Pafel is most commonly found in Switzerland, as well as other parts of Europe. It is believed that this surname originated in Switzerland in the 1500s. This name is derived from the Latin word “papilio”, which translates to “butterfly”.

The Pafel surname is also fairly common in Germany, and is found in records dating back to the late 1400s. Records indicate that the name is likely French in origin and could be a derivative of the Old French word “papillon”, which also translates to “butterfly”.

In modern times, the Pafel surname is also found in the United States. Records from the 1820s indicate that some families bearing this name arrived in New Orleans from France, likely as part of the French immigration after the Napoleonic Wars. The Pafel surname is now found all over the United States, particularly along the Eastern Seaboard and in the Midwest.

Overall, the Pafel surname is relatively common in Europe and in the United States, with individuals bearing this name living in many different countries around the world. Furthermore, among some people with this name, the colorful butterfly imagery behind the surname has been adopted as a symbol of the family’s long history.

Variations of the surname Pafel

The surname Pafel has a variety of origins. Several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin exist, includingPapel, Pappel, Papill, Parsel, Papel, Papell, Papal, Papalio, Parfel, Parfillo, Papello, and Parfitt.

Papel is a Spanish surname of Germanic origin, referring to a craftsman who makes paper. It is derived from the given name Pablus, which is derived from the Latin word pablium, meaning paper. The surnames Papel and Pappel are both derived from this word.

Parsel is also derived from the Latin word pablium. It is a French surname, meaning ‘one who makes paper’.

Papal, Papalio, Parfel, Parfillo, Papello, and Parfitt are variations of the surname Papel, probably with the addition of German or Italian elements.

The surname Pafel may also have origins in the Turkish word paşa, meaning “leader” or “master.” It is a common surname in Turkey. Its derived surnames include Pate, Apaş, and Aşıl.

Finally, Pafel may be derived from the Jewish surname Feivish, which is derived from the Hebrew name Feivish. The surname Feivish originated in Eastern Europe and became popular among Jewish immigrants to the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overall, the surname Pafel has a variety of origins and numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin exist. These include Papel, Pappel, Parsel, Papal, Papalio, Parfel, Parfillo, Papello, Parfitt, Pate, Apaş, and Aşıl. Additionally, it might also have its origins in the Hebrew name Feivish.

Famous people with the name Pafel

  • Edward G. Pafel: Australian military official and decorated war veteran
  • Peter Pafel: professional soccer player from Germany
  • Alexander Pafel: Russian politician and awareness campaigner
  • Karl Pafel: German concert pianist and teacher
  • Emily Pafel: American playwright and novelist
  • George Pafel: United States military veteran and artist
  • John Pafel: American football coach and medical doctor
  • Gilbert Pafel: French painter
  • Wolfgang Pafel: Swiss interior designer
  • Sylvia Pafel: Austrian- American photographer

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