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Surname Paier - Meaning and Origin

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Paier: What does the surname Paier mean?

The last name Paier is a surname of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word pägewere, meaning “pastry chef.” As a result, it was likely a profession-based surname, commonly given to someone whose profession was that of a pastry chef.

The last name Paier is found in Germany, its former territories, and in places where Germans have emigrated. Today, it is found in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and Argentina.

The primary meaning of the last name Paier is that of a pastry chef, but it can also be associated with a person who works in a bakery, or is a master of sweetener production. Additionally, in some areas, it may be a given name for someone who is a pastry artist.

The spelling of the last name Paier may vary slightly between regions, with some variants including Pacer, Peacor, Pariner, Pior, and Pierer. For those who have this surname, it may be a source of pride and a link to their German heritage.

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Paier: Where does the name Paier come from?

The last name Paier is most commonly found in Austria and other German-speaking countries, especially Bavaria. It is a toponymic surname derived from the German word 'pahr', meaning 'meadow'. This suggests that the original bearer of the Paier surname was someone who lived near or journeyed through a meadow.

The name is also relatively common in the United States, most likely due to the large number of immigrants from Austria and other German-speaking countries in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The 2000 US Census found 1210 individuals with the surname. They were most common in California, followed by New York. There were also fairly sizable populations in Florida, North Carolina, and Washington.

It is also somewhat uncommon in Canada, where the surname is found primarily in Ontario, followed by Alberta and British Columbia.

The Paier surname is derived from a location name and it is still very common in the European countries from which many of the original bearers emigrated. Though it is less common in the US and Canada, the population is still significant.

Variations of the surname Paier

The Paier name is derived from the Old French language, and originally referred to a farmer or peasant worker. There are several spelling variants of the Paier name that are still being used today, and these include: Payer, Payre, Peir, Paire, Pairer, Pairey, Pairett, Peirce, Peirs, Pear, Peare, Pearce, Pier, Piers, Pierson, and Pearson.

The German spelling of the Paier name is Peier, and some of its variants include: Peyr, Pire, Pierer, Porter, and Pö ür. In Scotland, Paye is the most common variant of the Paier surname.

The surnames Payeur, Payeurre, Pailler, Pailleter, and Paillet all have a French origin, and they are all variants of the Paier surname. Some Dutch spelling variants of the Paier surname include: Pier, Peiren, Peirs, Peer, Peere, Phillips, and Phelips.

The Paier surname can also be found in Ireland, where it is usually spelled as Payor, Payer, and Pyer. The Italian variants of the Paier surname include: Paitor, Paciello, and Padulo.

Overall, there are several variants, spellings, and surnames that are derived from the same origin as the Paier surname, including those listed above along with many others.

Famous people with the name Paier

  • Landon Paier: American singer and songwriter who is best-known for his single “Somebody Hold Me”.
  • Eric Paier: American professional ice hockey player who plays for the Chicago Wolves in the American Hockey League.
  • Veronica Paier: American painter, printmaker, and sculptor whose works often overlap with nature and abstract themes.
  • Philip Paier: American chef and restaurateur from the midwest who is well-known for his German cuisine.
  • Dagny Paier: Norwegian painter who specializes in watercolors and whose works often feature paintings of nature.
  • Jerome Paier: French artist who has worked on a variety of mediums such as painting, photography, and street art.
  • Robert Paier: German filmmaker and illustrator who has directed numerous award-winning short films.
  • Scott Paier: American television actor who has made appearances in shows such as Law & Order and Chicago P.D.
  • Sam Paier: Canadian actor who has appeared in films such as Saw III and is known for his portrayal of Doctor Bleed in Bitten.
  • Agnes Paier: Canadian fashion designer and humanitarian who creates clothing and accessories with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics.

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