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Surname Paikov - Meaning and Origin

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Paikov: What does the surname Paikov mean?

The surname Paikov is of Russian origin. However, the exact meaning of the surname Paikov is not clear, as it is the case with many surnames which have evolved over a long period of time, often centuries. It could potentially be derived from a profession, location, descriptor, or ancestral name but without a specific reference or historical documentation, it's challenging to determine the exact derivation or meaning. It's also possible that the name may have been altered in spelling over time, further complicating its origin. Moreover, the meaning of a surname may vary based on geographic region and language dialects. Therefore, without further specifics, the meaning of the last name "Paikov" remains uncertain.

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Paikov: Where does the name Paikov come from?

The Paikov surname is primarily associated with Eastern Europe. Most notably, it is found in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia. In Russia, the Paikov surname is commonly found in the central and northwestern parts of the country.

The Paikov surname is thought to originate from the Russian name Pavlov. It is believed to have first become used among people of the Russian Orthodox faith. Many Russian surnames are formed by adding the suffix -ov to the root word, so Pavlov can become Pavlovov and then Paikov.

In Ukraine, the Paikov surname is found in northern parts of the country, primarily the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions. It is also found among the Ruthenian population in the south, largely the Volyn and Transcarpathian regions.

Outside of Eastern Europe, the Paikov surname has been found in a few other regions due to migration. In the United States, there have been recorded occurrences in several states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The Paikov surname has also been found in South America as well, primarily in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

In general, the Paikov surname is most commonly found in Eastern Europe today, but it can be seen in other regions of the world as well.

Variations of the surname Paikov

The variant spelling of the surname Paikov is Paikova/Paikoff/Pakova. The surname originates from the ancient Russian word "paika", which translates to axe or club. It was often given as a nickname to those who were powerful and strong, as the axe was a powerful weapon in early Russian society.

Paikov is also a surname of many Ukrainian and Belarusian-born people. It is believed to have originated from the ancient Ruthenian word "Paiky", which was used to refer to axes and clubs. It could also have originated from the old traditions of the warrior tribes of Kyivan Rus' or other East Slavic countries.

Surnames similar to Paikov are Pakoff,Pekov,Paev,Paik, Pavkovic,Pakholkov,Pakhlov,Paleshev and Pakholova.

Paikov is a highly uncommon surname in the United States and most other countries, except for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with its variant spellings becoming more widely recognized.

In Russia, intermixing of surnames is common. Thus, the surname may appear as: Pakova,Paikoff,Paikovskaya,Pakoff,Pekov, and Paev.

In Ukraine,Paikov is the Ukrainian version of the surname. It has also been used to refer to people with the variant spellings Pakov,Pekov,Paev,Paik, Pavkovic,Pakholkov,Pakhlov, and Paleshev.

In Belarus, intermarriage between ethnic Belarusian and Russian families has caused the name to mutate, and the name Paikov has also been used to refer to people with the variant spellings Pakotva,Pakholkov,and Pakholova.

Overall, there are many variant spellings of the surname Paikov, both in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, as well as in other countries. With the increasing interaction of our globalized world, the surname is becoming more recognized as it continues to spread throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Paikov

  • Kim Paikov: Korean-American actor, best known for his roles as Kim Yook in “Father Is Strange” and An Sung Sik in “School 2017”.
  • Nikolai Paikov: Soviet diplomat and politician. He was appointed People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR in 1931 and later worked as the Soviet Ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1951 to 1954.
  • Pavel Paikov: Russian sculptor and painter. He was part of the Mir Iskusstva Movement, a group of Russian painters, writers, musicians, and theater directors.
  • Alexei Paikov: Russian composer, journalist, music critic, and ballet impresario. He wrote numerous ballet scores, popular songs, and symphonic pieces of music.
  • Yuri Paikov: Russian founder of the Mir Iskusstva Movement. He was also a professor at the Moscow Institute of Art and a Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Art.
  • Dmitry Paikov: Soviet soldier and Hero of the Soviet Union. He was posthumously awarded the Gold Star Medal for his military service during World War II.
  • Yi-wei Paikov: Korean painter and sculptor. He studied painting and sculpture at the University of Tokyo and later became professor of the Kyunghee University in Seoul.
  • Andrey Paikov: Russian architect specializing in the design of residential and commercial buildings. He is famous for his art nouveau residences built in Moscow in the early 20th century.
  • Anastasia Paikov: Russian actress and theater director. Prominent among Moscow's theater scene, she was the artistic director of the Mayakovsky Theater from 2002 to 2012.

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