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Surname Pakkala - Meaning and Origin

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Pakkala: What does the surname Pakkala mean?

The surname Pakkala originates from the Finnish language and has several possible meanings. It can either be derived from the word "pakka," which means a group or bundle, or from the word "pakkala," which means a small village. In this latter context, it is usually understood to be a habitational name, indicating a person who was originally from one of the many small hamlets in the region with the same name.

The most common occurrence of this surname in Finland is in the southeastern region of the country, though it can also be found further afield. Prominent individuals from the area who use the Pakkala surname include Panu Pakkala, a Finnish comedian and actor; Oklahoma politician Gary M. Pakkala; and J. Thomas Pakkala, a theologian and pastor.

Throughout history, Pakkala has been adopted as a surname by many varying families from the region. It can also be a patronymic surname, an indication of descent with a change of spelling, or a descriptive byname. It is a commonly used name in Finland, and many Finnish-Americans may also carry it as part of their heritage.

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Pakkala: Where does the name Pakkala come from?

The last name Pakkala is most commonly found in Finland. According to the Finnish Population Register Center, 2558 people in Finland have the last name Pakkala. It is not a very common surname and is found in relatively small numbers in other countries around the world.

In the United States, there are only 246 people who have the last name Pakkala, according to the website. This surname is particularly common in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan where it is found in relatively large numbers.

In Australia, the last name Pakkala is not very common. However, a few people seem to possess it, and it is mainly found in the states of Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

The last name Pakkala is also found in Canada but in very small numbers. According to, only one person with that surname was listed.

Today, this last name is likely to be found mainly in Finland and the other Scandinavian countries, as well as in the United States, Australia, and Canada in relatively small numbers. People who carry the last name Pakkala are likely to be of Scandinavian origin.

Variations of the surname Pakkala

The surname Pakkala is thought to have originated among the Sami people of northern Finland and is traditionally spelled Pakala. Variants include Pakanen and Pakarinen, both of which are common surnames in Finland.

Among Swedish-speaking families, Pakkala is sometimes spelled Pakkalainen or Bakkalainen. In some cases, it has been adapted into other languages, such as the Swedish Bakkal and the Danish Palkal.

Other variants, which are less common, include Paintala, Pakkila, Paiju and Pakka, as well as Paákka, Pakála and Pakála. In addition, there are also a variety of dérivés such as Pakkaluoma, Pakkilaakso, and Pakanen-Huuhka.

The Sami language has also contributed to a variation in spelling. The Sami spelling is roughly Páhkkala, with variants such as Pehkkali, Pehkka and Pähkke. The form Päkkäla is also used in Finland.

There are also numerous variations in the spelling of Pakkala found in other countries, such as Palkela in Lithuania, Bokalev in Russia, Baccala in Italy, and Bakalli in Albania. Because Pakkala has been adopted by so many other cultures, there is no single definitive version of the surname.

Famous people with the name Pakkala

  • Mark Pakkala: American environmental scientist, former chief scientist at the EPA's Pacific Southwest office.
  • Nancy Pakkala: American entrepreneur, real estate investor, media executive and educator.
  • Donovan Pakkala: Former standout defensive tackle at University of Arkansas who played in the NFL from 2003-2012.
  • Niko Pakkala: Finnish football (soccer) player currently playing for the team FC YPA in the Ykkönen League.
  • Christina Pakkala: American actress, model and singer who featured in films such as Alpha Dog and Flight 93.
  • Hugo Pakkala: Finnish speed skater who competed in the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Joonas Pakkala: Finland music producer, songwriter, remixer and live performer.
  • Johan Pakkala: Former competitive figure skater from Finland who competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Linda Pakkala: Finnish judoka who competed in multiple world championships.
  • Heikki Pakkala: Professor of medicine at University of Tampere, Finland and former chairman of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service.

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