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Surname Pälicke - Meaning and Origin

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Pälicke: What does the surname Pälicke mean?

The last name Pälicke is of German origin. It is thought to have originated from a topographic name for someone who lived close to a pool of water, coming from the Middle High German word “pälz” meaning “pond”, and the suffix “-icke”, meaning “small”. Alternately, the name could be derived from the Old German word “pāl” meaning “pole” and also from the Middle High German word “phell” which referred to a stake, implying a fence or boundary.

Historically, Pälicke is recorded in documents as early as the 16th century in the area of North Germany and throughout the Danish region known as Schleswig-Holstein. Common spellings of the name include Pelicke, Paelicke, and Pälick.

Today, the name is found in countries throughout Europe, as well as in the United States. It can be recognised as “Pelicke” in German speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; and also in Scandinavia, where it is often pronounced “Pälick”.

The traditional meaning of Pälicke is of someone who was an individual who had the resources to fence in a pond or other body of water in order to keep their livestock, or to guard their assets. Today, however the surname’s meaning is somewhat lost, yet still carries with it a certain level of prestige. It is an uncommon name, and is often viewed as a unique name, therefore making it a perfect choice for someone who enjoys being a bit different.

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Pälicke: Where does the name Pälicke come from?

The last name Pälicke is common in central and Eastern Europe. It has German roots and has origins in Slovenia, Bavaria and Saxony in Germany, and Poland. Although Pälicke does not appear to be a particularly common name, the last name has also spread around the world due to increased travel and immigration.

In Germany, particularly central and southern regions, Pälicke is recorded in census data and other records. In Bavaria, the last name is commonplace. It is also frequently found in other regions of Germany such as Brandenburg, Berlin, Sachsen, and Thüringen. In fact, Pälicke is the 263rd most common name in the country according to Germany’s registry of surnames.

The name also has a presence in Austria and Switzerland as well. In Austria, Pälicke is not especially common, but it can be found in the areas near the German border. In Switzerland the name is better represented, especially in the cities of equally shared immigration with Germany.

Outside of Europe, Pälicke has been much less common. It has been especially infrequent in North American countries, but there is recorded evidence of it in the United States, Canada as well as areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Pälicke

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Pälicke include: Pählcke, Phalicke, Pahlcken, Paalicke, Paelicke, Pelicke, Paelke, Palke, Palicke, Palitke, Palick, Palicki, Paalik, and Paalke.

The surname Pälicke can be traced back to the Palatinate region of Germany. It is believed to be derived from the Germanic personal names Pael and Pahlo, both of which could become Pälicke in modernized form. This surname likely began to be used as a patronymic name that was derived from the personal name of the family’s original ancestor.

The surname Pälicke seems to have gained more popularity beginning in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. During this time, many people began to migrate away from the Palatinate region of Germany, resulting in the spread of the name Pälicke to different countries and regions such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United States.

This surname is most common in Germany and the United States, as well as in the Netherlands and Denmark. The United States has the most citizens bearing the name Pälicke, with the largest populations residing in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Overall, the name Pälicke is quite versatile, with a wide variety of possible variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The name has proven to be steadfast over time, continuing to be used in multiple countries today.

Famous people with the name Pälicke

  • Paulina Potoczna Pälicke (Polish author and journalist)
  • Helena Pälicke (German women's rights activist)
  • Alexander von Pälicke (German army general)
  • Annemarie Pälicke (German author and publisher)
  • Stephen Pälicke (German World War II pilot)
  • Claus Pälicke (German actor)
  • Richard Pälicke (German theatre director)
  • Hermann Pälicke (German botanist and zoologist)
  • Alfred Pälicke (German sculptor)
  • Eric Pälicke (German politician)
  • Günther Pälicke (German engineer and businessman)
  • Friedrich Pälicke (German horse racing expert)
  • Karl Pälicke (German physicist)
  • Dagmar Pälicke (German General Manager and Executive Advisor)
  • Agnes Pälicke (Polish attorney and human rights advocate).

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