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Surname Parall - Meaning and Origin

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Parall: What does the surname Parall mean?

The surname Parall does not seem to have any clear origins or meaning that can be traced in genealogical, etymological, or historical records. It is a rare surname and appears to be present in very limited quantities around the world. Given the lack of information, it is possible that it could be a variant of other surname, a recent innovation, or potentially originate from a non-English language. It's also plausible that it has a very specific regional origin in a small community. Since surnames can originate from a variety of sources such as occupations, geographical locations, nicknames, and characteristics, it's complex to determine the exact origin without specific historical and familial context.

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Parall: Where does the name Parall come from?

The surname Parall is more commonly found in France today. It is also present in small numbers throughout Europe, especially in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Monaco. According to the most recent census data available, the name Parall was most prevalent in France in 2020, where it was the 147th most common surname.

The French variant of the surname is Prall or Parall, and it is a French habitation name derived from a place name in France. Parall is also a French topographic name, which essentially means "by a ravine". It is also an occupational name. It is believed that the surname Parall may have originated either from the French word parlée, meaning "price" or from the Old French pral, meaning "rabbit".

Parall is not a particularly common surname, though it is far from rare. The 2020 French Census reported 854 people with the name Parall living in France at the time. Many of the families bearing this surname still reside in France, though some may have possible migrated elsewhere in Europe.

Variations of the surname Parall

The surname Parall is of French origin and is associated with various spellings and variants. One of the most common variants is Parral, as well as Parrel and Parel. These spelling variants are often used interchangeably and still follow the same and pronounced the same. Other variants of Parall include Parrell, Parallle, Paralle, Paral, Parallon, Paroll, Paroley, and Parolar.

When tracing the surname Parall through French history, it was found that it was often used as a nickname for someone who was small or petite. This term came from the Latin word “parvulum,” which means small. Over time, this nickname became the full surname. Another possible origin of the Parall surname could be from a Germanic word for bear, “beral.” This would mean that the Paralls could have originally been a family of hunters or warriors who adopted the surname in remembrance of a hunting ancestor.

Parall is a very complex surname as it has undergone many variations throughout time and can be found in various areas across the globe. Arellano, which is of Spanish origin, is one of the most common surnames that have stemmed from the original Parall. Boler, Bolerio, and Paller are additional variants of the original Parall surname found in Spanish-speaking areas. Lastly, Paluzzi is a variant of Parall that is prominent in Italy.

Famous people with the name Parall

  • Steffen Parall: German entrepreneur and founder of Coverflex, a company that specializes in the production of elastic, breathable materials
  • Elke Parall: German Committee Member of the International Women's Club Berlin International
  • Derrick Parall: American actor best known for his roles in the television series The Game
  • Paul Parall: Canadian political commentator and talk radio host
  • Joe Parall: American football player who played as a wide receiver in the National Football League
  • Don Parall: American film producer and musician
  • Richard Parall: British fine art painter
  • Edgar Parall: French painter and sculptor
  • Will Parall: British designer who specialised in furniture
  • Sarah Parall: Australian businesswoman and philanthropist

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