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Surname Pardue - Meaning and Origin

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Pardue: What does the surname Pardue mean?

The surname Pardue is of French origin and is a variant of the surname Perdue which means "lost" in French. The name was primarily used as a nickname in medieval times, which later evolved into a surname. It was given to someone who was always getting lost or who moved to a completely new area. Over time, like many names, it has gone through variations in spelling including Perdue, Pardoe, and Pardew. It is a unique and relatively rare last name and was often found in areas where French influence was strong like in the northern regions of France. Furthermore, the surname migrated to the Americas during colonial times, and is found more commonly now in the United States, specifically in the southern states.

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Pardue: Where does the name Pardue come from?

The last name Pardue is commonly found in the United States today, especially in the Southern states. It is particularly common in areas such as Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, as well as other states including Arkansas, Virginia, and West Virginia. The name is thought to have French roots, first appearing in French as "Par Dieu," which translates to "by God."

Populations of Pardue can also be found in parts of England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as some parts of Europe, such as in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

The name Pardue continues to be relatively common. When searching American records of the last name, over 39,000 results appear in the year 2020. This shows that the name is carried on by many generations, and it still remains strongly within families today.

In addition to the traditional spelling of the last name "Pardue," there are several variations of its spelling, such as "Pardue," "Pardo," "Parado," and "Pardo." Adaptations in spelling of the last name are thought to originate from the common practice of society changing their surname to fit a more English-sounding spelling. These variations of the last name can still be found across the United States and other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Pardue

The surname Pardue is of French origin and is also seen as Pardou, Pardoux and Pardouxe. Pardue is a diminutive of the old French “pardus” or “parcy” which refers to a person who lives near a woodland or hedge. The surname was adopted by nobles living in the Poitou region of France.

Variations of the surname Pardue include Par-deu, Paradue, Pardu, Pard, Parados, Pardo, Pardi, Pardoe, Parddem, Pardeau, Pardoux, Pardouxe, Pardey, Pardeau, Parrdeau, Pardel, Parreaux, Paradux, Pardeau, Perdoux, Perdou, Perdu and Perduck.

The surname Pardue is found mainly in the American South and Southwest regions, as well as in Louisiana. Some spellings, such as Pardox, are highly localized and only found in a few regions of the United States. The surname is also found in low numbers in countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France.

Other related surnames include Parmet, Pardiac, Paritz, Parchouse and Pardes. These surnames are forms of the French surname Pardue, but are derived from a different origin. Parmet, for example, is derived from the French word “perme” meaning “strong”. Parchouse is derived from the old French “parcou”, meaning “little park”.

The Pardue surname is still found in low numbers around the world today. It is most common in the Southern and Southwestern areas of the United States, as well as in the regions of France from which the surname originates.

Famous people with the name Pardue

  • Milla Jovovich: American actress, model, and musician
  • Hill Harper: American actor, author and lawyer
  • Damon Pardue: American actor
  • Giancarlo Esposito: American actor, director, and producer
  • Glenn Pardue: American professional golfer
  • Steve Pardue: American college basketball coach
  • Heather Pardue: American actress
  • Jermaine Pardue: American football player
  • Jesse Pardue: American former professional basketball player
  • Darian Pardue: American former professional soccer player
  • Banana Joe Pardue: American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer
  • Brandon Pardue: American former soccer goalkeeper

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