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Surname Parkhurst - Meaning and Origin

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Parkhurst: What does the surname Parkhurst mean?

The last name Parkhurst is of English origin and is derived from Old English and Old French words. The name is thought to have originated from a placename meaning “park on the hill.” This would have described an area of land surrounded by a fence, commonly used for hunting and as a place to keep animals.

Early recorded bearers of the Parkhurst surname can be traced back to the 13th-century in Kent. The first recorded reference of the name was listed in 1273, when Isabella de Parhurst was mentioned in the Feet of Fines. Some members of the Parkhurst family moved to the New World to start a new life. George Parkhurst arrived in New England in 1635; John Parkhurst settled on Long Island in 1663.

Today, individuals with the Parkhurst surname are found in many countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. There are also many famous people who carry the Parkhurst name such as the American novelist, Laurence Parkhurst, who wrote Red Willow and the retired English footballer, Les Parkhurst.

The Parkhurst surname is a unique and meaningful family name, which is steeped in history and continues to carry on this legacy today.

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Parkhurst: Where does the name Parkhurst come from?

The last name Parkhurst is a surname of British and ultimately Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the Old English word "pearcringe" meaning a pear tree hedge. It is generally thought to have been first used as a place name in South West England or East Anglia and later adopted as a surname. Today, Parkhurst is a common surname in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In the United States, Parkhurst is currently the 12,377th most common surname according to the latest data available from the US Census Bureau. It is particularly prevalent in New England states such as Maine and Massachusetts. In Canada, Parkhurst is the 1,856th most common surname, most commonly found in Ontario and British Columbia.

In the United Kingdom, Parkhurst is much rarer, currently ranked as the 9,407th most common surname. Parkhurst is more commonly found in the East of England, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humberside regions.

Finally, in Australia Parkhurst is the 3,628th most common surname with an overall population of approximately 11,000 people. It is most commonly found in the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Variations of the surname Parkhurst

The Parkhurst surname is an English toponymic surname derived from the Old French word "Parquestyre" which is a combination of two words, "parc" which means park and "yestre" which means enclosure. The spelling variants of this surname include Parkhust, Parkheust and Parquest.

This surname is believed to have derived from places named Parkhurst, which is found in the counties of Staffordshire, Surrey and Kent in England. Common spellings of the surname also include Parckhurst, Parquhust, Parkherst, Parkhirst and Parkherste.

The most popular surname variations of Parkhurst include Parks, Parkes, Park and Parke. There are also many other spellings of the Parkhurst surname. Other variants include Parkhouse, Parkes, Parkessey, Parkisse, Parkiss, Parkoser, Parkyns, Parkyn and Parquish.

Surnames derived from the Parkhurst surname include Parkhurst-Roupell, Parkhurst-Adamson, Parkhurst-Anger, Parkhurst-Branthwaite, Parkhurst-Chalmers, Parkhurst-Davidson, Parkhurst-Delamore and Parkhurst-Dunn.

The Parkhurst surname is a fairly common name in England, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is also becoming more popular in other countries throughout the world, including countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

Famous people with the name Parkhurst

  • Zach Parkhurst: Former professional ice hockey player
  • Edward Parkhurst: American naturalist and author
  • John Parkhurst: 17th century English theologian and scholar
  • Clyde Parkhurst: American artist and sculptor
  • James Parkhurst: English political theorist and author
  • Stephanie Parkhurst: American film and television actress
  • John Parkhurst: 19th century British Anglican bishop
  • Henry Parkhurst: Founder of the “Parkhurst Dining-Room” restaurant in New York City
  • Peter Parkhurst: American Revolutionary War officer
  • Benjamin Parkhurst: Former Canadian Prime Minister

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