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Surname Parmaksiz - Meaning and Origin

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Parmaksiz: What does the surname Parmaksiz mean?

The last name Parmaksiz is of Turkish origin and is derived from the term "Parmankızı," which means “red girl”. The name is believed to have been given to a Turkish female ancestor who likely had red hair. While the name is now most commonly found amongst people of Turkish descent, it can also be found amongst people of Greek, Armenian, and Kurdish heritage.

The name Parmaksiz is composed of two elements, the word “parman,” meaning “red’ and the word “kız,” meaning “girl”. Together they form the term “red girl”. While the exact origins of the name are now unknown, it is generally believed to have been passed down through the male line of a particular family and was likely awarded by the community to a female ancestor who stood out due to her unique physical trait of having red hair.

The current meaning of the Parmaksiz last name still reflects the origin story. The name can be interpreted as a reminder of the family's female ancestor with red hair, which may also serve as a symbol of strength and tenacity. It also serves as a reminder of the Turkish national identity, which is part of the family's history and heritage.

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Parmaksiz: Where does the name Parmaksiz come from?

The last name Parmaksiz is commonly found in parts of Turkey today. It is mostly associated with the southern part of Turkey, including the provinces of Konya, Adana, and Hatay.

The origins of the Parmaksiz surname aren't entirely known, but there is some speculation that it may have originally been from the ethnic groups of Armenia, Lazistan, and Kurdistan. This makes sense since those three areas lie close to where the name is predominantly found today in Turkey.

In addition to being found in Turkey, the Parmaksiz name has spread to many other countries, particularly those of the former Ottoman Empire. Today, people with the Parmaksiz surname can be found in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, and other countries across Europe. The population of Parmaksiz also has a presence in the Middle East, and beyond.

Overall, the Parmaksiz surname has become increasingly more prominent in the past few decades due to the spread of Turkish immigrants. It is likely to remain a prevalent name in Turkey, as well as in other parts of the world, for many generations to come.

Variations of the surname Parmaksiz

Parmaksiz is a Turkish surname. Its variants include Parmaksız, Parmaksizoglu, and Parmasksiz. It can also be spelled Parmaköz and Parmakşız. Parmaksizoglu and Parmaskiz are patronymic surnames, which means they are based on a person's father's given name.

The root of the surname is parmak, which has two meanings. The first is "finger," and the second has to do with the line of descent from a certain ancestor. Thus, its variants provide an interesting insight into both the origin and the history of the family.

There are various ways to spell this surname. It is sometimes written and pronounced Parmaksiz, Parmaksoz, Parmaksozlu, Parmakoz, Parmaköz, or Parmakşız. It is also sometimes spelled with an 'ö', a Turkish character, or with an 'Ş'. The latter is the Turkish form of the letter "s".

Other surnames of the same origin include Parmaksızoglu, Parmaksizoglu, Parmaksız, and Parmaskiz. These names are also patronymic (in terms of lineage), as well as having linguistic roots in Turkish.

The meaning of the surname Parmaksiz is variously identified with the Turkish word parmak meaning "finger," or with parmak meaning "line of descent from an ancestor." As a result, the origin of the family is often identified as being from a line of descent from an ancestor, or from a family of longer standing than recent generations.

Famous people with the name Parmaksiz

  • Taner Parmaksiz: a Turkish actor, director, and theatre producer
  • Ali Parmaksiz: a Turkish football player
  • Ozgur Parmaksiz: a Turkish actor, screenwriter and director
  • Serhat Parmaksiz: a Turkish football player
  • Hasip Parmaksiz- a Turkish basketball player
  • Sumru Parmaksiz– an American singer
  • Ali Parmaksiz– anTurkish professional basketball player
  • Deniz Parmaksiz– a Turkish actress
  • Ecevit Parmaksiz– a Turkish journalist and author
  • Metehan Parmaksiz– a Turkish film producer and director

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