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Surname Parnos - Meaning and Origin

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Parnos: What does the surname Parnos mean?

The last name Parnos is of Russian origin, derived from the word "parnos," which means "rich" or "wealthy." The name first appeared in the 1500s when a branch of the family acquired a large estate in the Southern Russian region of Voronezh. As their wealth and influence grew, so did their surname, with more and more families adopting it.

Throughout the centuries, members of the Parnos family have held prominent positions in the military, government, and business fields. This is a reflection of the wealth and resources at Parnos’ disposal and their willingness to help those in need. Parnos families were known in the Russian empire for their generosity, providing support to widow's, orphans, and the sick.

Today, descendants of the Parnos family can be found scattered around the world, including Russia, the United States, and Canada. Each descendant of the Parnos family carries the legacy of their ancestors' legacy with them, a reminder of the legacy of wealth and prosperity that they can still call their own.

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Parnos: Where does the name Parnos come from?

The last name Parnos is of German origin, derived from the name Parnold, meaning one who descends from the brave bear. The family name could have been taken from a region in which bears existed. Today, the surname Parnos is quite rare, but can be found in multiple locations around the world.

In the United States, the 2000 Census indicated that Parnos is a relatively uncommon last name. At that time, it ranked 9,521st in popularity, with only 105 individuals bearing it. This places it within the top 2%, which is a significant number. Parnos is found mainly throughout the Midwest, and in parts of New England, with the largest concentration in Illinois.

In Europe, the surname Parnos might be most recognizable in the Czech Republic. It appears to be most common in Prague, with 32 people registered as having the last name Parnos. There are also pockets of Parnos families in the Bavarian region of Germany and in the Netherlands.

The last name Parnos likely originated in medieval Germany, as evidenced by the spelling and pronunciation of the family name. Since then, the surname has spread to different countries, mainly due to migratory patterns. Even with its small numbers, the Parnos family is a testament to its past of strength and courage.

Variations of the surname Parnos

The surname Parnos is of ancient Greek origin and has a variety of variants and spellings, as well as a few surnames of the same origin. These include Parness, Parasnos, Parnous, Parnaousis, Parnellis, Parnavelis, Parnas, Parnaps, Parnass, Parnos, Parnounti, Parnovelli, and Parnopoulos.

The variants Parness and Parnellis probably derive from the Greek “parneisi” or “parnesis”, meaning “pious one”. Parasnos and Parnaps come from the Greek “paranomos”, meaning “living according to the law”, while Parnaousis derives from the Greek “parnos”, meaning “promise”. Parnavelis probably has its roots in the Greek “parnaveli”, meaning “springtime”, and Parnas has its roots in the Greek for “rock”.

Parnos, Parnounti and Parnovelli are likely related, having similar deriverations: Parnos from “parnos”, meaning “promise”; Parnounti from the Greek “parnointos”, meaning “he who swears”; and Parnovelli from the Greek “parnovoros”, meaning “bearing hope”.

Finally, Parnopoulos has its roots in the Greek “parnopoulo”, meaning “craftsman”. This surname could have been adopted by a family of manual workers, or one that regularly bought and sold goods.

Famous people with the name Parnos

  • Anastasia Parnos: international musical artist from Athens, Greece
  • Will Parno: Latin American film producer and actor
  • Gioele Parno: Italian mathematician and cryptographer
  • Ursula Parnos: German musicologist and composer
  • Mario Parnos: Brazilian classical guitarist
  • Laura Parnos: Spanish photographer and photojournalist
  • Dany Parnos: French writer and director
  • Darius Parnos: Estonian Olympic fencing champion
  • Jacob Parnos: Canadian rapper and songwriter
  • Nikki Parnos: American television and film actress

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