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Surname Parogan - Meaning and Origin

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Parogan: What does the surname Parogan mean?

The last name Parogan is derived from the old Gaelic word "Parógán", which means "resistant". This is likely a reference to the strength and resilience of the Parogan family's ancestors. Parogan was first recorded in the late 14th century, when many members of the family traveled to Ireland to settle there.

Throughout the centuries, the Parogan family has maintained a strong presence in Ireland. They were known for their loyalty and bravery in the struggle against British rule. After their successful attempt to free the country from British rule, many of the Parogan family went on to become prominent members of Irish society.

The Parogan family is widely associated with hard work and success. Over the centuries, the Parogan family has achieved distinction in many professions. They have been trailblazers in many fields, such as politics, business, and the arts.

The Parogan name has become a symbol of strength and resilience. Even today, members of the Parogan family still carry on the family’s legacy of hard work and determination. The name has become a source of pride for many, inspiring them to work hard and stay true to their roots.

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Parogan: Where does the name Parogan come from?

The last name Parogan is most closely associated with Eastern Europe. It is most common in Ukraine, Belarus, and Austria, with smaller populations of people with the surname living in Russia, Croatia, and Slovakia.

Historical records trace the origin of the Parogan surname to 15th century Austria, where its first recorded use was by the Drolech family. Speculation suggests that the family adopted the surname when migrating from what is now modern-day Ukraine, or that it was the official name of an ancestral village in Austria.

The Parogan surname today is most commonly found in the regions of Austria and Ukraine, where it is believed that the majority of those with the surname can trace their roots back to their ancestral homeland. The surname is less common in Slovakia, Belarus, and Croatia, but still exists in small populations throughout these countries.

In the United States, the surname is not particularly common, however, there are a few individuals with roots in Eastern Europe who have the Parogan surname.

Variations of the surname Parogan

The surnames Parogan, Parogen and Paroganov all have the same origin, but are distinct spellings and variations. Parogan is most likely derived from the Slavic region of the world, where it is believed to have originated centuries ago.

The variants of this surname include Parogen, Paroganov, Parogyany, Parogenov, Parogony, Paroganovi, Paroganovsk, and Paragan. Other less common versions include Paragon, Paragonov, Porogen, Perogen, Parigany, Porogenov, Pariganyov, Porogony, and Parigonovi.

Parogan and Parogen are the two most popular spellings of this surname, and are the spellings that most gets used when researching this family's history. The surnames Parogan and Parogen are both derived from the Old Slavic language, which suggests that this surname is of Slavic origin.

The spelling variations for the Parogan surname suggest that the name may have been influenced by different languages during migration and immigrations over the years. The spelling variations could have also been created by how documents were written or transcribed during different historical periods, or by language barriers set by bordering countries or regions.

Overall, the surnames Parogan, Parogen, Paroganov, Parogenov, Parogony, Paroganovi, Paroganovsk, Paragon, Paragonov, Porogen, Perogen, Parigany, Porogenov, Pariganyov, Porogony, and Parigonovi all have the same origin and were common spellings during different periods in time.

Famous people with the name Parogan

  • Vahram Paroganyan: Armenian chess grandmaster
  • Khachatur Paroganyan: Armenian football coach
  • Ashot Paroganyan: Armenian football defender
  • Simon Parogan: Israeli chess master
  • Avetis Paroganyan: Armenian weightlifter
  • Avo Parogan: American basketball player
  • Mariam Parogan: Armenian singer
  • Hovhannes Parogan: Armenian film director
  • Yordan Parogan: Bulgarian actor
  • Artem Paroganyan: Russian football striker

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