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Surname Parrican - Meaning and Origin

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Parrican: What does the surname Parrican mean?

The last name Parrican is believed to have originated in Ireland, being a derivative of the Irish surname Parrick. It is associated with the populations who descended from the ancient Gaelic peoples of Ireland. It has been suggested that the name derived from the Irish Gaelic word for "nobleman" ("Parricin"), but this is perhaps a folk etymology.

The exact origin of the surname remains uncertain. It could also be derived from the Irish words "Mac Giolla Phádraic", which mean "son of the servant of St. Patrick". This is perhaps the more likely origin of the surname, given its close association with Ireland and the patron saint of the country, St. Patrick.

The surname Parrican has been found in records throughout the 1700s and 1800s, often located in County Kerry, in Southwest Ireland. Irish immigration to America and other countries has spread this surname around the world, helping it gain in popularity.

The name Parrican may signify many different things, depending on its particular origin. In some cases, it may have connotations of nobility, stemming from the Gaelic word for "nobleman" ("Parricin"). It could also represent a strong Irish identity, tracing its roots back to the patron saint of the country and an ancient clan of Irish settlers. Whatever its exact origin, the name Parrican bears the imprint of a proud and vibrant history.

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Parrican: Where does the name Parrican come from?

The last name Parrican is not very common today. The surname is primarily found in Argentina and Puerto Rico, two countries that share a genetic, cultural, and linguistic connection to Spain, the country whose people are believed to have brought the Parrican surname to the Americas.

In Argentina, the surname is most commonly found in regions like Mendoza, Córdoba, Tucumán, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, San Juan, La Pampa, Chaco, and Santa Cruz, as well as in parts of Brazil. In Puerto Rico, the surname is typically found in the San Juan metropolitan area.

In the United States, the surname is not particularly common. The 2010 census states that there were 272 people registered with the last name Parrican living in the US. The majority of them, 127 people, lived in the state of New York. The other states where the Parrican name is found in relatively large numbers are Pennsylvania, Florida, California,Texas, and Illinois.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the origin of the Parrican surname. It is uncertain when and where it first emerged. Some speculate that the Parrican last name is of Spanish-Volgarian origin. Volgarian was a language spoken in the Volga region in Russia during the Middle Ages. Others believe that the name originated in Spain during the Roman period, and that it is derived from the Latin word ‘parricid,’ which was used to refer to a person who committed patricide.

Whichever the case, it appears that the last name Parrican is confined to very few parts of the world today, including Argentina, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Parrican

The surname Parrican is derived from a French surname, Parrais, meaning 'person from Plaine'. Parrican is an Anglicized version of this original French name. It was popularized in Britain, particularly in Scotland, during the 20th century, and is spelled in a variety of different ways today.

Variants of Parrican include Parraco, Parraeco, Paraco, Paracoe, Paracco, Parakeo, Paracho, Paracho, Parracoe, Paracoe, Parraco, Peracas, Pareiko, and Paryako. These could also be spelled with dropped letters or doubled consonants (e.g. Parracao).

Some similar-sounding surnames of a different origin are Parrott, Porretto, and Parretto.

Many of the different spellings and variants of Parrican are part of the family tree, and reflect the different origins of different branches of the family. It is common for spelling variations to exist within families, and for families to adopt different spellings of their own surname during different points in time.

In some cases, surnames may have changed over time as family members moved away from their place of origin or adopted a new name in a different city or country. The surname Parrican can also be found in many different migratory branches of the family, with spellings being adapted to reflect the language of the adopted country.

Famous people with the name Parrican

  • Bernadette Parrican: Actress best known for starring as Bianca in the 1997 film About a Boy
  • Marshall Beau Parrican: Renowned computer game developer
  • Stu Parrican: Stand-up comedian, writer and actor
  • Steve Parrican: Former professional cricketer
  • Zuleika Parrican: Argentinian supermodel
  • Maisie Parrican: Singer-songwriter and actress
  • Claude Parrican: 18th-Century French playwright
  • Nigel Parrican: President and CEO of an international corporation
  • Cameron Parrican: Award-winning documentary filmmaker
  • Denise Parrican: Actress known for her roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

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