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Surname Parrum - Meaning and Origin

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Parrum: What does the surname Parrum mean?

The last name Parrum could have several different origins and meanings. One possible origin could be derived from a place name, such as Parham, a village in Norfolk, England. The second possibility is that it could be derived from the Gaelic or Irish word 'parr' which means 'a Chief or head of a family'.

In some cases, the last name Parrum could be a variant of Parham. From a historical perspective, the surname Parham could refer to someone who was related to someone from the town of Parham. The earliest known records of the name date back to 1283 when a Roger de Parham appears in the Feet of Fines of Norfolk.

The last name Parrum could also be a variation of the Gaelic or Irish word ‘parr’ which means ‘head of a family’ or ‘chief’. It is likely that the name was adopted by a family who had a strong and important presence in their local community. In some cases, the name may have originally referred to a person who was a leader or a chief within a certain community or group.

Whatever the origin and meaning behind the last name Parrum may be, it likely has a long and fascinating history that can be traced back many centuries.

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Parrum: Where does the name Parrum come from?

The surname Parrum is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the southern region. According to the USA Surnames Database, the majority of individuals with the surname Parrum are descended from families that first settled in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

In addition, there are many individuals who bear the surname Parrum living in Canada, especially in southern Ontario and the province of Quebec. Among the Caribbean islands, the surname Parrum is most predominant in the Bahamas and Jamaica.

In Europe, the surname Parrum is most commonly associated with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The largest concentrations of individuals with the surname Parrum living in these countries are found in France, particularly in the regions of Alsace and Lorraine.

The name Parrum is also sometimes found among people living in India, New Zealand, and Australia, although the numbers are much smaller than those living in North America and Europe. This is a testament to the spread of the surname Parrum across the world, likely due to the many people who left their homelands to travel and settle elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Parrum

The surname Parrum has a variety of spellings and variants that all stem from the same origin.

The most common variation of the Parrum surname is Parham. Parham is derived from the Old English words ‘para’, meaning ‘park’, and ‘ham’, meaning ‘village’. This gives a combined meaning of ‘the village within the park’.

Other variants of the Parrum name include Parram, Perham, Perram, Pirram, Pirum, Perum, Pharram, Pharrom, Peiram, Peirom, Pyiram, Pyirrom, Pyeram, Pyerom, Pearam, Pearom, and Parrham.

The surname is also found in Scotland as Phairman and Parkinson.

In Ireland, the surname is most commonly found as Pheram. Pheram can also refer to the Scottish variant Phairman, as the two names are related.

In the United States, the surname is commonly found as Perham, Perram, Pirram, and Peiram.

Throughout Europe, the surname is also found as Parrom, Pirum, Pharram, Pharrom, Pyiram, Pyirrom, Pyeram, Pyerom, Pearam, and Pearom.

Variations in spelling of the Parrum name came about before mass education when many official documents were written in a variety of versions of English and there was no standard spelling or pronunciation. Different spellings have been adopted over time and this has added to the various variants of the name.

Famous people with the name Parrum

  • Moise Parrum III: professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks.
  • Scoot Parrum: former Minor League Baseball player.
  • Zee Parrum: American award-winning poet and writer.
  • Shira Parrum: American actress, writer, and comedic performer.
  • Autumn Parrum: professional soccer player who currently plays for the Houston Dash.
  • Ebony Parrum: professional softball player for Team USA and Oklahoma State University.
  • Joy Parrum: fashion model and Instagram influencer.
  • Barnes Parrum: founder and CEO of the company stokedmindz which specializes in graphic design, branding, and marketing.
  • Chad Parrum: Nobel Prize winning physicist.
  • Aysa Parrum: Canadian actress known for her roles in films like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “The Edge of Seventeen”.

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