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Surname Parshinger - Meaning and Origin

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Parshinger: What does the surname Parshinger mean?

The last name Parshinger is of German origin and is derived from the Old German phrase parchingar, which means “one who drinks beer”. The term likely refers to the profession of making or serving beer, and therefore refers to an individual who was likely a brewer or publican at one point.

Parshinger is primarily a German surname found throughout Europe and around the world, but especially in the namesake's homeland. Germans who emigrated to the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world during the 19th and 20th century largely carried this surname with them.

The name reflects a practical and sociable identity; one deeply tied to a lifestyle in which beer was (and still is) a common part of the culture. In many regions, beers were either home-brewed or consumed in local establishments. Parshingers likely represented the latter, contributing to the social scene, while also possibly doubling as innkeepers.

The name embodies the values of both traditionalism and conviviality; the former probably contributing to the lasting nature of the name, while the latter likely enabled many individuals with the last name to settle in foreign places or to ascend up the social ladder, while also making them adept and popular in their areas of settlement.

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Parshinger: Where does the name Parshinger come from?

The last name Parshinger is most common in areas of Germany, though it is not considered a particularly common last name. It is believed to have originated in the German Palatinate region during the Middle Ages and then spread to other parts of Germany as people migrated.

Currently, the most dense population of Parshingers is located in the Upper Bavarian region of Germany. The largest population can be found in Bavarian Schwaben, located in the southern half of the German state of Bavaria, as well as near the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic.

Outside of Germany, the most populous group of Parshingers comes from the country of Israel. The Parshinger surname was likely introduced to Israel by Jewish emigrants who were fleeing religious persecution in Germany. In addition, a small number of Parshingers can be found scattered in a variety of places in the United States, such as California, Illinois, New York, and Texas.

The Parshinger surname can also be found in other parts of Europe, including France, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Overall, Parshinger is not an overwhelmingly common surname, but it can be found in many parts of the world. Its origins remain rooted largely in Germany, though the population has slowly dispersed since the Middle Ages to other parts of Europe and the world.

Variations of the surname Parshinger

Parshinger is a very rare surname, found in a few countries throughout the world. It is likely of German origin, and is derived from the Middle German phrase ‘Parshingen’, which means ‘the place of the Parsh family’. The surname can also be spelt ‘Parssinger’, ‘Pershinger’, and ‘Perssinger’, as there are some known spelling variants.

The most frequent surnames derived from Parshinger are 'Parsh', 'Persch' and 'Perschinger'. These surnames can be found in countries such as America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Europe. The surnames 'Parskinger', 'Parschinger', 'Parshin', 'Paschinger', 'Parshingen' and 'Paschinger' are also derived from the Parshinger surname.

Besides the different spellings, the Parshinger surname can also take on various surnames with the same origin. These surnames include 'Parsch', 'Parschke', 'Parschk', 'Parschle', 'Parschbaumer', 'Parschbolt', 'Parschl', 'Parschmann' and 'Parschmeier'. However, these surnames are much less common than the common ones mentioned above.

In conclusion, the surname Parshinger has many spelling variants and related surnames. Searching for a particular surname that is derived from Parshinger can be a difficult task. However, with careful research, one can accurately determine the origin of a particular surname in order to discover the spelling variants and related surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Parshinger

  • Heather Parlour: nurse and businesswoman, founder of Brightside Health
  • Susan Parshinger: American physician, researcher, scholar and educator
  • Bob Parshinger: former NFL football player
  • Drew Parshinger: Chief Operating Officer of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
  • William Parshinger: entrepreneur and media producer
  • John Parshinger: former Navy sailor, white collar executive and restaurateur
  • Alexander Parshinger: contributor to several books on mathematics and philosophy
  • Doug Parshinger: retired professional baseball player
  • David Parshinger: theatre director
  • Mark Parshinger: Actor and classically trained commedia dell`arte performer
  • Carl Parshinger: Senior Managing Director of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Rebecca Parshinger: President and CEO of the International House of Prayer
  • Mary Parshinger: physician and professor
  • Mike Parshinger: film director and screenwriter
  • Joanne Parshinger: Deputy Science and Technology Director for the Department of Defense
  • Bob Parshinger: Chief Executive Officer and President of The Parshinger Group, LLC
  • Lawrence Parshinger: Common Market and White House Correspondent
  • Barry Parshinger: Distinguished Professor and Resident Director of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques
  • Randy Parshinger: Professor of Religion
  • Sara Parshinger: Senior Vice President at Goldman Sachs

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