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Surname Pasinetti - Meaning and Origin

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Pasinetti: What does the surname Pasinetti mean?

The last name Pasinetti is of Italian origin and is derived from the word “paso” which means “goat”. It is believed to have been adopted as a surname to reflect the family’s traditional occupation or residence near a place where goats were kept. This is supported by the fact that the surname is most prominent in the Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto regions of Italy, all of which traditionally raised and bred goats.

Historically, the Pasinetti family was known to be wealthy, further supported by Chicago’s Pasinetti-Ceri palace being given the designation of national monument by Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro in 1972. Still standing today on the banks of Milan’s Naviglio Grande, it is a beautiful example of Neo-Renaissance architecture.

In the modern era, Pasinetti is a very common surname in parts of Italy, as well as other Protestant and Catholic countries where Italian migration has occurred. It may also indicate a person who is hard-working, as the characteristics of a goat -- calm strength, subtlety, and tireless industry -- have come to be associated with people who possess these traits.

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Pasinetti: Where does the name Pasinetti come from?

The last name Pasinetti is most commonly known in the northern parts of Italy. This name is most prevalent in the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy. The Mantua province, located in Lombardy, is particularly known for its heavy concentration of people named Pasinetti. The last name may also have originated in the neighboring areas of Tuscany, Marche, and Veneto.

The history of the Pasinetti name dates back several centuries. In documents from the Middle Ages, the name appeared in various forms, such as Pasinetto and Pasnetto. It is believed that the name originally stemmed from the Latin word “pascinare”, which means “to graze”. This name was likely given to someone who was involved in the trade of grazing sheep or cattle.

In modern day, the last name Pasinetti is still seen in various parts of Italy, particularly in the cities of Bologna, Rome, Florence, Milan, Verona, and Venice. It can also be found in other places around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and South America.

In Italy, the Pasinetti name is a familiar one and is still very much alive today. With such a wide geographic spread, Pasinettis are sure to be found in many places across the globe.

Variations of the surname Pasinetti

The surname Pasinetti has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Many of them are related to the original Italian Pasinetti surname, though they have been adapted and changed slightly over time.

Variations of the Pasinetti surname include Pasanetti, Passanetti, Papa Netty, Pasonetti, and Pasani. There are also several less common derivatives of the name, including Passini, Pasnetsky, Pasinuto, Passinetto, and Pazzini.

Spellings of the original surname Pasinetti vary widely, and include Passinetti, Pasinitte, Passenetti, Passinetti, Pasonetti, Pasignetti, and Pasanetti.

Surnames that are related to Pasinetti include Passani, Pasan, Pass, and Pasini. Passani is derived from the verb “passare” which means “to pass” or “to go away”, and thus the name Pasinetti can be traced back to the Latin root pasus, meaning “a going away” or “a passage”.

The Pasinetti surname is fairly rare, but it is an ancient one that can still be found around the world in various forms. Whether spelled Pasinetti, Pasanetti, or Pasini, the name is an interesting and enduring testament to the wonderful diversity of the Italian people.

Famous people with the name Pasinetti

  • Marco Pasinetti: he is an Italian economist, and a professor of economics at the University of Rome. He has published extensively in the fields of macroeconomics, finance and development.
  • Anna Pasinetti: she is a fashion designer from Milan, Italy. She is best known for her work on luxury apparel for the high-end market.
  • Alex Pasinetti: a former basketball player and now an occasional actor, Alex starred in many films in Italy.
  • Giuseppe Pasinetti: he was an Italian painter and sculptor born in Vicenza Italy in 1721. He is remembered for his contributions to the Venetian school of painting.
  • Pasquale Pasinetti: also known as Pasqualino Pasinetti, he was an Italian virtuoso harpsichordist and composer of the late renaissance period.
  • Alvise Pasinetti: he was an Italian painter from Vicenza and active in the late 16th century.
  • Enrico Pasinetti: he is an inventor and entrepreneur of Italian descent, best known for developing digital video technology for television production.
  • Francesco Pasinetti: an Italian silent film director, he is most famous for directing classic comedies such as La donna elettrica.
  • Marco Pasinetti Jr.: a mix engineer, music producer and guitarist, Marco is a prominent figure in the Italian music industry.
  • Virginia Pasinetti: a renowned fashion editor and stylist, she has worked with many celebrities and has contributed to some of Italy's leading magazines.

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