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Surname Pattinson - Meaning and Origin

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Pattinson: What does the surname Pattinson mean?

The surname Pattinson is of patronymic origin, derived from the personal name "Patrick." It combines the name Patrick with the Medieval English suffix "-son," which means "son of." So, Pattinson roughly translates to "son of Patrick." The given name Patrick is of Latin origin and was popular among the Romans and the Irish. It means "nobleman" or "patrician." The surname Pattinson is prevalent in Northern England, particularly in the counties of Cumberland and Northumberland. It is also found in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles. Variations of the name include Pattison, Patisson, Patison, and Paterson. The use of patronymic names was common in these regions, and they often changed with each generation. For example, if Patrick had a son named John, he would be John Pattinson, but if John had a son named James, he would be James Johnson ("son of John") rather than James Pattinson.

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Pattinson: Where does the name Pattinson come from?

The surname Pattinson is of English origin and it is most commonly found in Northern England. It is believed to be a patronymic name, deriving from the medieval personal name 'Patrick'. The suffix 'son' is an indication of a patronymic name, meaning 'son of Patrick'. The name Patrick was popularized by the Irish saint of the same name, and it spread throughout the British Isles as a result of the significant religious influence attributed to him.

Modern bearers of the surname Pattinson can still be found throughout the United Kingdom, but the name has also spread to other English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite its spread, the surname is not particularly common, falling outside the top 1000 most common surnames in countries like the US and Australia. It has gained more visibility in recent years due to the international fame of English actor Robert Pattinson.

Variations of the surname Pattinson

The surname Pattinson has roots in English and Scottish heritage. It is a patronymic name — names which are derived from the name of a father or ancestor. Pattinson essentially translates to 'son of Pate or Pat', suggesting that it originated from a family whose patriarch was named Pate or Pat.

Variants of the surname can depend on factors such as geographical location, translation, colloquial pronunciation, and personal preference. Several of these factors could change the spelling to Patterson or Pattison, both of which retain the original meaning. Some families may have also changed their surname to the abbreviating forms — Paton, Patten, Patton or Patt.

Other alterations can include Pattensen, Pattinsonn, Paddison, or Patenson. This variety again reflects the influence of regional accents and dialects. Pateson and Pattins are also possible variations.

It's also worth noting that some families with similar surnames may not share the same origin or lineage. Also due to voluntary changes and accidental alterations as part of the natural process of linguistic evolution, people with the same surname may not necessarily share a genetic ancestry either.

So it's important to track family history and genealogy to determine the background of a specific surname.

Famous people with the name Pattinson

  • Robert Pattinson: Actor, model, musician and producer, best known for his leading role in the Twilight film series.
  • Tom Pattinson: An English professional footballer who plays as a centre back or defensive midfielder.
  • Lizzy Pattinson: English singer and actress, sister of Robert Pattinson.
  • Mike Pattinson: FIH Hockey World Cup Winning English professional field hockey player.
  • Louie Pattinson: A British short-track speed skater, brother of Robert Pattinson.
  • Audrey Pattinson: English singer and actress, sister of Robert Pattinson.
  • Elizabeth Pattinson: Farrier, rider, and own daughter of Robert Pattinson.
  • Mary Pattinson: English born actress, known for her role in the British drama The Northern Lights.
  • Sue Pattinson: British actress, best known for her roles in the television series Coronation Street and Emmerdale.
  • Peter Pattinson: Retired English footballer.

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