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Surname Payden - Meaning and Origin

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Payden: What does the surname Payden mean?

The surname Payden is of English origin, derived from the old English personal name "Paden." It can be linked to the Hebrew name "Payton," which means "Jehovah provides." The surname started to be used during the Middle Ages, and it was a convention to name a child after a saint for hoped-for protection or abilities. However, the specific meaning of the surname Payden itself is not clearly defined, as the history of its origin is quite obscure due to the complexity and changeability of medieval naming practices. Like many English last names, it could be a geographical reference, marking where a family came from, or occupation-based, indicating what job someone did. It could also be patronymic, derived from the personal or first name of a parent, or a nickname, referring to someone's appearance or personality traits. Therefore, while Payden is rooted in historical context, its exact meaning may vary.

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Payden: Where does the name Payden come from?

The Payden surname is mainly found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. In Ireland, the Payden surname is most commonly found in Dublin, Cork, and Kerry, though there are smaller populations in other Irish counties as well. In the United Kingdom, the Payden surname is primarily located in the south of England as well as in Scotland. In the United States, Payden is mainly concentrated in the mid-west states of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Populations of Paydens are also found in the southern states of Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

Today, the Payden surname is spread across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States, and is considered to be one of the widely-shared surnames in Britain and North America. It is most common in the areas mentioned, though it can certainly be found in other places, as well. Payden is an old, established name with an interesting and varied history, and is maintained in various parts of the world by those who are proud to carry the surname.

Variations of the surname Payden

The surnames Payden, Paidon, Paydon, and Padon are all derived from the same origin. Payden is the most common spelling, originating in Europe during the medieval period.

It is derived from the Old French word "paie" meaning payment or reward, and the suffix "den" which is also Medieval in origin and means valley or meadow. The surname is ultimately derived from a topographic name for someone who lived near either a valley or a meadow.

The variants Paydon and Padon likely arose from an anglicized spelling of the surname during the late Middle Ages. During this period, many clerks were unable to render a foreign surname accurately, so they changed it to suit the English spelling of the time.

The fourth and rarest variant, Paidon, is the most difficult to trace. One hypothesizes that it was likely the creation of a clerk who was unaware of the French etymology of the "original" spellings.

Overall, all four of these surnames are derived from the same root, and have been Anglicized over the centuries to arrive at their individual variants.

Famous people with the name Payden

  • Robert Payden: Robert Payden is an English actor known for his roles in classic films such as Passementerie and Charmed.
  • Jenna Payden: Jenna is a model, fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer.
  • Sarah Payden: Sarah is a fashion designer from the United Kingdom.
  • Ryan Payden: Ryan is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.
  • Pete Payden: Pete is a professional surfer from Australia.
  • Peter Payden: Peter was an English artist and fine art lecturer in the early 20th century.
  • David Payden: David is an English actor and singer who has appeared in numerous plays and films.
  • Richard Payden: Richard is a British director and producer, specializing in animation.
  • Jonathan Payden: Jonathan is an American professional football player.
  • Neil Payden: Neil is a Canadian actor, writer, and producer.

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