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Surname Payling - Meaning and Origin

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Payling: What does the surname Payling mean?

The last name Payling is of British origin and is believed to have originated in the Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom. It is a habitational name, derived from the place name Payling, which is thought to have derived from the Old English words paegel, meaning a corner or division of land, and -inga, meaning people or settlement. As a surname, it is recorded as early as the 13th century in the Yorkshire region. The Payling family are believed to have held a number of other titles in the region throughout the centuries, including being Lord of the Manor of Payling and Lords of the Manor of Lockington.

In its early history, the Payling family held a noble status and were prominent landowners in the area. They were also renowned as notable clergy and members of the military, with one in particular, Sir Henry Payling, being knighted for his services by King Henry VIII. Over the passing centuries, some members of the Payling family have moved away from the Yorkshire region to find a new way of life, resulting in the name being spread throughout the world.

Despite its increased geographical spread, the Payling name still carries with it a strong sense offamilial connection. Although their origins can be traced back several centuries to the Yorkshire area in the United Kingdom, Payling family members throughout the world still remain united through their shared heredity and history.

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Payling: Where does the name Payling come from?

The last name Payling is not a particularly common name today, though it is found in England. According to records from 1911, it was a popular surname in East Anglia with its highest concentration being in the county of Norfolk. It is still established in this area and it is one of the top surnames for the geography. In the 2011 census it ranked 5286th in England.

The name is said to have originated from Norse-Viking settlers hundreds of years ago. It's derived from the Old Norse and Old English words 'Páll', which were a personal name meaning 'a simpleton or a clumsy person', and 'ing', a reference to the old Germanic tribe.

Paylings can also be found in the United States, with the first recorded occurrence of the name in the 1650s. The surname appears to be concentrated in the mid-Atlantic area, stretching from Massachusetts down to Virginia. In the 2000 US census, Payling was a common surname among Native Americans, especially the Seneca Indians.

Overall, it is a rare name today though it is still a common surname in East Anglia. It's also quite popular among certain Native American tribes in the US. Despite its rarity, Payling is still a name with a long history, having spread around the world hundreds of years ago.

Variations of the surname Payling

Payling is one of the oldest recorded surnames, with spellings in English, Dutch, German, Irish, and French records and even variants that hint at a French or Latin origin.

At its most basic, Payling is often spelled paying, as in payment. This archaic spelling may have evolved to include the -y- to make the name more pronounced.

In Dutch records, the surname is often seen as Payen, Payens, or Paeyns. It is also spelled as Pailen, Paylen, Pairling, Payle, Paien or Payen in Germany and Paillen and Paylan in France.

The variant Paylan may also have a Latin origin, deriving from the Latin words “pagulum” and “pallium” which both mean “cloak”. This suggests that the original bearer of the Payling name wore an unusual or distinctive cloak or clothing item, which may explain why the name is so distinctively spelled and pronounced.

In Ireland, the Payling surnames can be seen in Anglicised form, Anglicised from the Gaelic Mac Phalain. This surname follows the same basic principles as most Irish surnames, including umlauts and slight alterations. Depending on the dialect of the county, the surname may be found as Macfalun, McFallan, McFeelen, MacPhailin, MacPhealain or MacPhelan.

No matter what variant or spelling of Payling is used, its ultimate origin is likely to be Western European and the name was likely brought to the British Isles by the Norman conquerors.

Famous people with the name Payling

  • Michael Payling, English footballer
  • Sarah Payling, British Television presenter
  • Mike Payling, children's book author
  • Jeffrey Payling, British actor
  • Graham Payling, British engineer and inventor
  • Alex Payling, English cricketer
  • Peter Payling, English artist
  • James Payling, British-born Hollywood sound recordist
  • Ruth Payling, British stage and costume designer
  • Richard Payling, English Presenter on the BBC Midlands Today programme

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