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Surname Paynter - Meaning and Origin

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Paynter: What does the surname Paynter mean?

The last name Paynter is of English origin and is believed to be an occupational surname. It derives from the Middle English term "paynter" which means "painter." This could suggest that the original bearer of the name may have been involved in the art of painting, such as a house painter, artist or a decorator of manuscripts. However, it is also believed that it could have been used to designate an officer who was responsible for painting targets used during archery practice. The surname Paynter, like many occupational surnames, would have described the occupation of the initial bearer, steadily becoming the family name as generations passed. It's also important to note that spelling variations are common for many surnames as sometimes names were registered based on their phonetic sound, leading to multiple spellings. Some say Paynter can be seen in variations such as Painter, Poynter, and others.

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Paynter: Where does the name Paynter come from?

The last name Paynter is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, specifically in the south of England. Paynter is quite an uncommon last name, and there are only a few hundred people with the surname in the UK.

The name is of Anglo-Saxon origins, most likely deriving from the Old English words ‘Pain-tere’, signifying someone who works in paint or colours. This could have either been a painter of artworks or a house painter. The Paynter spelling is most commonly found today in the Cornwall and Devon regions of south-west England and the East Sussex region of south-east England.

The origins of the name date back to 1205 when it is mentioned in a court record in Norfolk, East Anglia. At this time, the name was spelled as ‘Paunteur’. This spelling has since mutated into the modern ‘Paynter’. In the 16th century, the Paynters spread to the rest of England, and some families even made it to America during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Other than in the United Kingdom, the Paynter name can also be found on the Emerald Isle. There are a small number of Paynter families in Ireland, and some have even migrated as far as Australia and Canada.

While the Paynter name isn’t very common, it still lives on to this day in countries across the world.

Variations of the surname Paynter

Paynter is an English and Welsh surname derived from the Old English and Old French given name Paganus, meaning "pagan" or "heathen". It is also the name of a small coastal village in Cornwall, UK. The surname Paynter is spelled variously as Paynter, Paunter, Painte, Painter, Paynters, Paunters, Painters, etc. It is often swapped with “Payne”, which is also derived from the same Old English root.

The Paynter surname is found in multiple forms in England and Wales. According to records held by the 1881 census of Great Britain, the Paynter name was relatively common, particularly in Hampshire, Cornwall, and Devon. The census records from these areas showed a wide variety of spellings, including Paunter, Painte, and Painter. There were also multiple Paynter variations found in other British surnames, including Pay-Nter, Paunter-Payni, Pahner-Paynter, Pabner-Payni, and Pinter-Pynter.

In other parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the Paynter surname is also commonly found. The variant spelling “Payne” is also present in these regions, but is likely derived from Paynter.

In summary, in addition to the Paynter surname, multiple spelling variations of the same name exist, such as Paynter, Paunter, Painte, Painter, Paynter, Paunters, Painters, Pay-Nter, Paunter-Payni, Pahner-Paynter, Pabner-Payni, and Pinter-Pynter. This surname is found in multiple parts of the world, including England, Wales, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and is often used interchangeably with the related efficacy Payne.

Famous people with the name Paynter

  • Emma Payne-Fowler: A British television presenter
  • John Paynter: An English professional footballer
  • Alan Paynter: A former English cricketer
  • Woody Paynter: An American actor
  • Artur Paynter: An American professional ice hockey player
  • Sarah Paynter: An English theater agent
  • Pat Paynter: An American professional football player
  • Ashlee Paynter: An Australian actress
  • Chris Paynter: An American television actor
  • Willie Paynter: An English professional cricketer

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