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Surname Payyade - Meaning and Origin

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Payyade: What does the surname Payyade mean?

Payyade is an Indian surname. Many with this last name reside in the South Indian state of Karnataka. It is believed to be derived from a Kannada word meaning “best” or “first”. Payyade is also used as a surname amongst the Gujjars in India, particularly those in the Raigar community.

Payyade is commonly associated with those residing in the Raigar community. In recent times, it has become more widespread and is now found amongst many other communities too. Within the Raigar community, the Payyade surname is known to refer to an individual with great academic or professional achievements. It is considered to be a symbol of honour and distinction.

The Payyade surname carries a sense of pride and respect. It is considered to be a mark of excellence and achievement in any field in life. It also carries connotations of a strong character with leadership qualities and ambition. Payyade can also refer to someone who is a good listener and takes initiative to go after goals and push boundaries. In this way, it can be seen as a representation of how hard work and dedication can lead to achieving great things.

The Payyade surname is a reflection of the values behind hard work, personal achievement and pushing boundaries. It is a reminder for anyone with this surname of the importance of striving to reach their goals and pursuing excellence in any endeavour.

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Payyade: Where does the name Payyade come from?

The Payyade surname is most commonly found in South India. Specifically, the surname is associated with the North Kerala region, particularly in and around the Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod districts in the state of Kerala.

The Payyade surname traces its origins back to the Tulu language, which is predominantly spoken in the district of Kasaragod and in the surrounding areas of the state. Tulu is spoken by a large population scattered across Northern Kerala and parts of Southern Karnataka.

The earliest known family members bearing the Payyade surname can be traced to a small village called Battilu in the Kasaragod region, which is part of the Malabar region of Northern Kerala. It is believed that the surname was initially used by a common ancestor belonging to the Khara clan, who were landowners in the area.

Today, it is known that the Payyade surname has spread to various parts of India, including some parts of Mumbai, New Delhi, Mumbai, and the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is also found across the world, within the Indian diaspora, and is known to be predominately used by the Nair and Gounder communities.

Variations of the surname Payyade

Payyade is a surname of Indian origin that believed to have originated with the Kayastha community of India. The surname is most commonly found among the inhabitants of the state of Maharashtra.

The spelling variants of the surname Payyade include Payade, Payyad, Payyede and generally, the 'y' is added or replaced by a 'd'; however, all of these variants are pronounced in the same way. The surname is also found in a variety of spelling variations due to regional and linguistic influences.

There are also various surnames derived from the root 'Payyade'. These include Paiyade, Paiyad, Paiyade, Peyeade, Peyade, Piayd and Piyade. Additionally, the surname often appears with a hyphenation, such as Payy-ade or Pay-yade.

The Payyade surname also has similar variants with other regional Indian communities, such as Pahadi, Pawade and Paharia. Some other variants which are found primarily amongst the ethnic Gujarati and Punjabi communities of India include Pehade, Parihaar and Paihar.

Moreover, there are a few other related surnames that have existed for generations in India such as Payda, Payda, Payji, Paypade and Payana.

In conclusion, Payyade is a commonly found Indian surname that has many spelling variants, regional variations, as well as related surnames, depending upon to which particular ethnic community one belongs.

Famous people with the name Payyade

  • Prof. Yogesh Payyade: Yogesh Payyade is an acclaimed doctor and public health professional from the province of Maharashtra in India. He is a former professor of Community Medicine at the Indian Institute of Health Sciences and is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. He has authored multiple books on public health and his research has been published in multiple international journals.
  • Shankar Payyade: Shankar Payyade is an illustrious ex-sportsman from India, who represented India in field hockey between 1976 to 1983. He is a multiple gold medal winner and was an influential captain for the team. He has also been involved in the development and the management of various sports camps, and is now the High Performance Director and National Head Coach for Indian Youth Hockey Development.
  • Leena Payyade: A recipient of the Times of India's award for 'Women Achievers', Leena Payyade is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She has been recognised and honoured for her work and dedication in various fields such as Corporate Social Responsibility, empowerment of rural women and environmental sustainability.
  • Abhay Payyade: A public figure in Maharashtra and Goa, Abhay Payyade has been an active advocate for tribal welfare and human rights. He has published several books on the subject and has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly from 2004 to 2009. He has also been recognised for other social causes such as environment protection, LGBTQ rights, combating gender-based violence and fighting for the marginalised.

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