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Surname Peaden - Meaning and Origin

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Peaden: What does the surname Peaden mean?

The surname Peaden is of Irish origin, derived from the name "Peatáin". This name was Anglicized as Peyton and Peaden among other variations across Ireland and Scotland. Like many last names, it is believed to be patronymic, i.e., it may have originally denoted the son of Peatáin. The translations and meanings of such names are often varied and speculative. The personal name "Peatáin" is primarily derived from a diminutive of the medieval given name "Peat," a reduced form of "Patrick". In this context, it may mean "little Patrick". Given the age and fragmentation of records of Gaelic names, tracing the direct lineage and meaning of the surname may not be precise. However, today it is carried by families who share a common heritage, commemorating an ancestor named Peatáin. Notably, many bearing this surname can be found in the United States, where many of Irish and Scottish lineage relocated in previous centuries. As with any surname, those with the last name Peaden share a unique piece of their family's historical identity.

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Peaden: Where does the name Peaden come from?

The last name Peaden is most commonly found in the Southern United States. This name is especially abundant in the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina. It is believed that Peaden is of British origin and likely derived from the Old English phrase “pig and denu,” meaning “pig pasture.” The majority of Peaden's living in the United States today can trace their roots back to Colonial-era Virginia, where early generations settled in areas of Prince Edward County and Isle of Wight County. The surnames prominent throughout these areas became famous via Revolutionary War patriots, statesmen and scholars such as politician William Peaden and the Baptist theologian Morgan Edwards, both of whom had ties to the surname. Peaden families are now scattered throughout the American South, and notable figures with this last name include competitive eating champion Eric "Badlands" Booker, professor Emeritus Grayson Gibbs Peaden and Sports Illustrated managing editor Steve Peaden. The Rivera clan of professional wrestlers, including WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, also carry the Peaden surname.

Variations of the surname Peaden

Peaden is an English occupational surname originally derived from the Old English word "paeden," meaning shepherd. This surname is believed to have originated in the English county of Devon and the earliest recorded spelling of the name dates back to 1194 in the form of Peaden. The surname Peaden is found in various spelling variations including Pead, Peade, Peadee, Pebbe, Padd, Paden, Paddon, Peden, Pedon and Peyteyn.

The surname Peadon is closely related to the Gaelic names MacPedan and Peden, and the Anglicised variants of these are Peean, Pedan, Padden, Peanon and Peanon. A variant of the name is Pedden, which is believed to have originated in Ireland and is particularly associated with the province of Ulster.

The surname Paden may have originated from the Norse-Viking pre 7th Century word "padne," meaning a small plank or board. It is a common surname in the far North of England and Scotland and is often found with spelling variations such as Patton, Pathon, Payton and the diminutive Padon.

Peddon is also an English variant of Peadon, related to the Gaelic names MacPeddon and Peden. The earliest record of this spelling dates back to 1218 in the form of William Peddone. Variations of this spelling include Peadon, Peddin, Pedon and Penon.

Finally, Peden is a Scottish variant of Peaden which has been found in various spellings including Peden, Pedin, Peeden and Peedon. This name is mainly found in Melrose in the Borders area of Scotland and dates back to the 16th Century.

Famous people with the name Peaden

  • Stephen Peaden: Stephen Peaden was a former Florida senator and CEO of Bay County. He served as Senate President from 1994 to 1998, representing parts of Bay and Calhoun Counties.
  • Curt Peaden: Curt Peaden is a former Florida insurance commissioner who was appointed by then-governor Jeb Bush in 2008.
  • Nick Peaden: Nick Peaden is a former professional tennis player who competed primarily in doubles during his career.
  • Les Peaden: Les Peaden was a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1956 to 1966.
  • Zack Peaden: Zack Peaden is a professional multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer who has performed with Barry White, Prince, and KISS.
  • Jerry Peaden: Jerry Peaden was a former member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1966 to 1970.
  • Taylor Peaden: Taylor Peaden is a professional dancer, actor, and singer who has appeared in numerous musicals and films.
  • Joanna Peaden: Joanna Peaden is a professional musician and the founder of a women's singer-songwriting collective.
  • Steve Peaden: Steve Peaden is a professional actor who has appeared in a number of television shows and films, including Law and Order, 24, and The Comeback.
  • John Peaden: John Peaden was a former member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1994 to 1998.

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