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Surname Pealing - Meaning and Origin

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Pealing: What does the surname Pealing mean?

The last name Pealing is of English origin and is thought to be a variant of the English surname Peel. The Peel surname is believed to be derived from a place name, meaning someone who came from Peel. Peel is derived from the Old English language and is a combination of two words, “pēla” and “ingas”. “Pēla” means enclosure and “ingas” means “people of”. So, the surname Peel literally means “people of the enclosure”.

Although its exact origin is uncertain, it is thought that the name Peel derived from places such as Peele in Cumberland, Piles in Cambridgeshire, or Peel in Norfolk. It is also possible that this surname originated from lacunar names meaning people of the pool or stream—or simply from someone living near a pond or pool.

The earliest recorded mention of the Peel surname in England dates back to 1390, with numerous Pealing derivations occurring later in the seventeenth century. Additionally, the Pealings were one of the first settlers to Canada. The family trace their history back to two Pealing brothers who arrived in Canada in 1778.

Today, the surname Pealing is found throughout the English-speaking world, although it is most common in England and Australia.

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Pealing: Where does the name Pealing come from?

The last name Pealing is believed to be from England and is still primarily found in that part of the world today.

It is most common within the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and East Anglia. According to the 1881 Census, this last name was mainly found in those same four English counties.

Many of the Peelings that are living in England today either trace their origins back to one of these counties or have family members who do. Some Peelings likely immigrated from other English-speaking countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United States, but this is less likely to be the majority. Many people with the Pealing name also live in the nearby countries of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, where it can sometimes be found as well.

As more English citizens move abroad, this name is likely to become increasingly common in other regions of the world. Records from the past 150 years indicate that an increasing number of Peelings have chosen to settle abroad, in countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States. The most recent statistics show that there are about 6,500 Peelings living in the United States alone.

No matter where they live today, Peelings in all parts of the world likely trace their origins back to England.

Variations of the surname Pealing

The surname Pealing is derived from the Old English word “peal”, meaning a bell. Variants, alternative spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Pealing are: Peal, Peel, Peele, Pealy, Peile, Peill, and Pyall.

Peal is an especially common alternative spelling, probably due to its phonetic similarity to the original spelling. This variant of the name is also spelled “Peele”, but this is a much rarer occurrence.

The surnames Peel, Pealy, and Peile are derived from the same root, but vary slightly in spelling due to their different origins in either England or Ireland. Peel is common in both England and Ireland, and it became an established variant of the name in Ireland as early as the 13th century. Pealy is most common in Ireland, and is derived from the Old English word “pealig”, which means white or pale. Peile is most common in England, and is an old variant of the original spelling.

The surnames Peill and Pyall both appear to be derived from the same Old English root, but they are much rarer. Peill is a rare Anglo-Saxon surname that is derived from the word “pyll”, meaning stream. Pyall is an even rarer spelling, and appears to be derived from the Old English word “pyllian”, which means to make a loud noise.

Famous people with the name Pealing

  • Christopher Pealing, a British film actor.
  • Paul Pealing, a former AFL football player.
  • Ruby Pealing, a British singer and songwriter.
  • Paul Pealing, a British physiotherapist.
  • David Pealing, an English actor
  • Luke Pealing, a professional basketball player from South Africa.
  • Geoffrey Pealing, a British air force officer.
  • Joel Pealing, a former professional hockey player.
  • Richard Pealing, a British military officer and politician.
  • Michael Pealing, a British theatre director.
  • Edith Pealing, a British social worker and voluntary worker.
  • Edward Pealing, a British pianist and composer.
  • Margaret Pealing, a British barrister.
  • Samuel Pealing, an English street artist.
  • David Pealing, an English footballer.
  • Leonard Pealing, a British shellac craftsman.
  • Phoebe Pealing, an English fashion designer.
  • Mark Pealing, an Australian rugby coach.
  • Roger Pealing, a British military officer.
  • Cheryl Pealing, an Australian actor and playwright.

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