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Surname Pearl - Meaning and Origin

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Unveiling Ancestry and Migration Patterns of the Pearl Surname Through iGENEA DNA Test

Upon conducting an iGENEA DNA test, I unearthed compelling insights about my family name, Pearl. The genetic investigation revealed significant ancestry tied to both Jewish and English origins. It also showed a connection to the R-M269 haplogroup, demonstrating a strong link to the British Isles, and outlined potential migratory patterns of the Lineage.

F. Pearl

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Pearl: What does the surname Pearl mean?

The last name Pearl is derived from the Middle English word “perle”, which means “precious pearl”. The name likely originated from the Old French word “perle”, which was used to signify a small, round, or shiny object. In the Middle Ages, pearls were highly valued and often used as a symbol of wealth, prestige, and status. This is likely why the last name Pearl has come to mean a family who has achieved great wealth and success.

In a spiritual sense, the pearl is synonymous with wisdom, truth, and spiritual purity. Cultures around the world have long associated pearls with the goddess Venus, with many cultures believing that pearls bestow protection, good luck, and courage. Pearls also represent faith, charity, and innocence, and are often given as a symbol of dedication and unity among people.

As a last name, Pearl carries a sense of accomplishment and achievements in life. It is a reminder to those who possess it that they are a part of the legacy of a family that has worked hard to achieve greatness. The Pearl name is a symbol of hope for better things to come, and it stands as a reminder of the ancient proverb: “A pearl is not judged by its attractiveness but by its worth”.

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Pearl: Where does the name Pearl come from?

The last name Pearl is most common today in the United States, particularly in the Midwest and Northern states. It is also found in large numbers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Pearl is a Jewish surname stemming from the Hebrew name Perel which means “ornament.” It was adopted as the last name of Jewish families during the Middle Ages, and is most likely linked to the genealogical name Peretz, which is the Hebrew variation of the biblical name Peter.

Nearly 30,000 people with the last name Pearl currently reside in America, according to the US Census Bureau. While the name has an international presence, it has slowly been on the decline since it peaked at over 40,000 people in 1940.

According to records, the name Pearl is particularly popular in the state of Illinois with over 4,500 people registered with it. It is also the most popular in the states of Pennsylvania, Florida, California and New York, with over 1,000 people registered with the name in each of those states.

Despite its decline, the name is still firmly rooted in many Jewish and Christian communities, as well as communities related to the Ottoman Empire, where it’s sometimes linked to the name Perle. Many prominent members of the Jewish diaspora have also identified as having the last name Pearl, such as the influential authors, Maurice Sendak and Issac Bashevis Singer.

Variations of the surname Pearl

The surname Pearl is derived from the English word 'Pearl', a precious gemstone of great worth. Variants of the surname Pearl include Pearle, Perle, Pearles, Purl and Purcell.

There are also certain surnames that have the same origin as Pearl. They include the French version of Pearl, Perault, as well as Parry, Perotti, and Perelman which all share a similar root in the Latin word 'pulcher' which means 'beautiful'.

The Scottish version of the surname Pearl is MacParlan which derived from the Gaelic form 'Mac Pharlain'. The Welsh version is Pritchard and the Irish variants are O'Pyrle and Pearly.

Additionally, other surnames that have their origin in the Jewish culture are Perl, PerLow, Perla, Perlman, Perlmutter and Pierleoni. These are all derived from the Yiddish word 'perl', meaning 'pearl'.

In the German language, the name Perle is also found and this is derived from the same source as the English variant. Other German spellings of the name include Perlenbach, Perlenberg and Perlenstine.

There are many different versions of the name Pearl but overall, they all point back to the same origin – a precious and beautiful gemstone.

Famous people with the name Pearl

  • Hila Pearlman: Israeli journalist, radio and television host.
  • S. J. Perelman: American humorist, author, playwright, and screenwriter.
  • Sadie Pearlman: American singer-songwriter.
  • David Pearl: English actor.
  • Stanley Bennett Pearl: American documentary filmmaker.
  • Alan Pearlman: American audio engineer and founder of ARP Instruments, Inc.
  • Dan Pearlman: German artist and sculptor.
  • Edward Pearl: American screenwriter and television producer.
  • Mollie Pearl: American novelist and short story writer.
  • Branch Rickey Pearl, Jr.: American baseball player and manager.

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