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Surname Pearman - Meaning and Origin

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Pearman: What does the surname Pearman mean?

The surname Pearman is of English origin and is an occupational name for a grower or seller of pears. It is derived from the Middle English words "pere," meaning pear, and "man," indicating a person. Therefore, a Pearman could be someone who owned or worked in a pear orchard, or gifted or traded pears. Like other occupational last names, Pearman would have originally been given to a person who performed this job or held this role. It is also important to take into consideration that surnames were established a long time ago; thus, the original meaning of Pearman may not hold relevance to individuals bearing this surname today. It has various spellings including Pereman, Periman, Pyerman, and many more.

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Pearman: Where does the name Pearman come from?

The last name Pearman is relatively uncommon around the world today, but especially in the United States. One might find more Pearmans in Britain as a result of English colonization in the 17th century, as that is likely when the family name first arrived.

According to MyHeritage, the last name Pearman is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, with the majority of Pearmans to be found in England and Scotland. After the UK, Pearman is most popular in Canada and the United States.

When researching the Pearman surname in 2020, the distribution of the name appears to be much more scattered than it once was. Data from Forebears suggests that the Pearman surname is more widespread in 2020, with the highest concentrations of Pearmans located in the United States (3,411), the United Kingdom (2,232), Australia (551), Canada (283), and New Zealand (149).

When looking more closely at the geography of the Pearman surname in 2020, one can see that on the US East Coast it is most popular in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In the US Midwest, it’s more popular in Michigan and Iowa. In the US South West, the most concentrated state is Arizona. On the West Coast, it’s most common in Oregon and California, while in Canada, it’s most popular in Ontario.

While the last name Pearman is not overly common, it is still seen within certain populations of countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Pearman

The Pearlman surname is a variation of the English surname Pearman, which comes from two Middle English terms, 'pear' and 'mann,' meaning 'pear tree man.' The spelling variations of this surname include: Pearlman, Pearman, Pearmann, Pearmam, Pearmaine, Pärmann, and Pearshman. The variant spellings of this surname have been found in Germany, England, and the United States.

The Pearman surname is thought to have first appeared before the start of the 17th century in parts of the British Isles. There, it is taken to refer to one raised near a pear tree or who cultivated the fruit. This surname is also found across various parts of Europe, including Germany, where the spelling changed from Pearman to Pärmann.

The variant spellings of the Pearman surname are now found mainly in the United States, although they have spread to many other countries as well. In the United States, the Pearlman surname is most prevalent in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

The surnames of Pearman, Pearlman, Pärmann, and Pearshman are all the same origin. All of these surnames trace their roots to the Middle English term 'pear' and 'mann,' meaning 'pear tree man.' Thus, those who carry any of these surnames are likely to have had ancestors with ties to the cultivation of the fruit.

Famous people with the name Pearman

  • Charisma Carpenter: Actor
  • Dawne Marie Grannum: British colonial administrator
  • Steve Pearman: American football coach
  • Gavin Pearman: British film producer
  • Rebecca Pearman: British Paralympic swimmer
  • Trevor Pearman: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Alan Pearman: British professional golfer
  • Rita Pearlman: American dancer
  • Jocelyn Pearman: Jamaican artist and singer
  • Laurence Pearman: British politician

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