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Surname Peavler - Meaning and Origin

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Peavler: What does the surname Peavler mean?

The last name Peavler is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English "Pivaler" which is believed to mean "a spear maker". The name could also be associated with the French "Prévost" meaning "head forester". Peavler would likely have been a nickname given to someone who was skilled in making spears to be used for hunting or warfare.

People with the Peavler surname likely held a respected status in ancient times for being a sword or spear maker. During Medieval times they would have been part of the armoury or weapons-making industry, manufacturing spears, swords, and other arms. It could also be possible that the name Peavler was given to foresters since they would have been responsible for hunting wild game and protecting the land from trespassers.

The name Peavler continues to endure today as a symbol of craftsmanship and skill. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those who dedicated their life to a craft all those years ago. Peavler is still a common surname in England where it is known for its ability to grace a home with the presence of an ancient family history.

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Peavler: Where does the name Peavler come from?

The last name Peavler is most commonly found in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, Peavler is ranked as the 14,592nd most common last name, with approximately 1,000 people bearing the name in the US.

Most of the people born with the last name Peavler are located in the Southern states of Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. In fact, the majority of individuals with this name are found in non-metropolitan regions of these states. Although many of the residents of the southern US are descendants of early English settlers, the Peavler name has been documented in the records of European border nations like Germany and Austria, suggesting that some of its bearers may have been immigrants from Central Europe.

The most common alternative spellings of Peavler include Peveller, Pevler and Peuvler. One explanation of the origin of the surname is that it may have come from an Old English word meaning plover, which was likely a reference to a local bird of prey. However, this has not been corroborated and other theories suggest that the name was a variant of the Old German word "pauweler" which means to prepare or groom.

No matter what the origin of the name, Peavler is still a recognizably unique last name that has existed in the United States for several centuries. Its most common current location is still in the rural areas of the southern US, and it is likely that many of the bearers of the name are still living descendants of early British and German settlers.

Variations of the surname Peavler

The surname Peavler is an English patronymic surname of Austin/Augustin origin. It is also a variant or spelling of several other surnames such as Pavell, Pavele, Pavil, Pavile, and Pavey. The surname means “bird or fowl” and may have indicated a family that hunted or bred these birds in the past.

Peavler may have originated as a nickname for someone who appeared to be particularly loyal. The -er suffix is also a very common patronymic surname element, meaning "son of". Thus, Peavler may have originally referred to "the son of Peva".

The other variants and spellings of this surname are listed below:

- Peaval

- Peavalle

- Peavil

- Peavile

- Peavill

- Peaville

- Peavyl

- Peavyll

- Pevale

- Pevaill

- Pevaill

- Pevail

- Pevaille

- Pevaill

- Pevall

- Pevalle

- Pevar

- Pevarle

- Pivar

- Pivarle

- Prevel

- Previle

There may also be some variants and spellings of this surname that have been lost in time. Some variations of the spelling and a few surnames with the same origin include: Peveal, Pevill, Pevay, Pepevil, Pevill, Pefill, and Pefile.

In the United Kingdom, the surname Peavler occurs more frequently in the West Midlands than any other part of the country, and is common in towns and villages such as Oldbury, Brierley Hill, and Stourbridge.

The surname is also found in the United States, with records occurring in Virginia, Texas, California, and other states as early as the 1700s.

Famous people with the name Peavler

  • John Peavler: American film directors and television producers.
  • Eamon Peavler: American professional soccer player.
  • Charlotte Peavler: an American entrepreneur and professional speaker.
  • Phillip Peavler: professional bull rider from Oklahoma.
  • Linda Peavler: an American freelance photographer and writer.
  • Joshua Peavler: American film and television actor.
  • Kevin Peavler: American professional ice hockey player.
  • Marie Peavler: English singer-songwriter.
  • Elizabeth Peavler: American composer and soundtrack producer.
  • Garrett Peavler: American multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter.

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