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Surname Pecinovsky - Meaning and Origin

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Pecinovsky: What does the surname Pecinovsky mean?

The last name Pecinovsky is of Czechoslovakian origin. However, its specific meaning is unclear as it doesn't translate directly into a recognizable term in the Czech language. Like many surnames, it could be derived from a location, profession, or ancestor's first name. Some suggest it might be derived from a variant of the name "Pečený", which translates to "roast" or "baked" in English, possibly indicating a link to baking or cooking professions. However, without definitive historical or etymological evidence, the exact meaning of Pecinovsky remains speculative. Most likely, it would relate to an occupation, a geographical location, a characteristic, or a notable ancestor. It's a relatively uncommon name worldwide, found more frequently in the Czech Republic and in communities with Czech heritage. Remember that meanings of surnames can evolve over time and may differ across regions even within the same country.

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Pecinovsky: Where does the name Pecinovsky come from?

The last name Pecinovsky is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe, in particular in parts of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. This name is believed to have first become popular in the Czech Republic, where people with the surname are believed to have moved to from Poland hundreds of years ago.

Pecinovsky is a patronymic name derived from the name Pecin, which means "barley". Barley was a common staple food during Medieval times and this could be the source of the name. It is also likely that the name originated from the Polish language, where it is spelled Pecyna.

The name is commonly found in many parts of the Czech Republic, where spelling variations include Pečín, Pečínský, Pčinský, and Pčínský. In Slovakia, the spelling of the last name is usually Pečinský, Pečinská, Pečínsky, or Pečínska. In Slovenia, spellings include Pečin, Pečine, Pečinšek, or Pečinšek.

Pecinovsky is also occasionally found in various areas of the United States, including states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In North America, spellings of the name Pecinovsky often vary, from Pecinovski to Pecinofski and Pecinovsky.

Overall, the Pecinovsky surname is a relatively rare name, but it is still actively used in parts of Europe and North America.

Variations of the surname Pecinovsky

The surname Pecinovsky is of Czech origin. It is derived from the word ‘pecina’, which means ‘cave’. Historically, Pecinovsky was often used in the context of a person who lived in a cave or made a living from working in a cave.

Variations of the surname Pecinovsky include Pechinovsky, Pechenovsky, and Pechnovsky. There are also spelling variations such as Pecenovsky, Pechenovski, Pechenovszky, Pechehowsky, and Pechenko.

Other surnames of the same origin include Pavlicek, Vyhnánek, and Uhezypa. These all refer to a person with a connection to caves and cave-working.

Pecinovsky is a common surname in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In other parts of the world, notably the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, the surname is seen in its various spellings and variations.

The Pecinovsky surname is related to the English surname Pecuniary, meaning ‘relating to money’. It is believed that the two surnames stem from the same root because the Czech word ‘pecen’ means ‘coin’ or ‘money’.

Overall, the Pecinovsky surname is an interesting and unique name that is linked to many variations and surnames of the same origin. It serves as a reminder of the family’s Czech ancestry and their close connection to caves and cave-working.

Famous people with the name Pecinovsky

  • Josef Pecinovsky: Czech long-distance runner who participated in the Summer Olympics and won a bronze medal in the marathon in 1956.
  • William Pecinovsky: American electrical engineer who was an active researcher and professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Jakub Pecinovsky: Czech football player and midfielder for Sparta Prague who has twice won the Czech First League.
  • JuJu Pecinovsky: award-winning documentary filmmaker and human rights campaigner based in Amsterdam.
  • Miroslav Pecinovsky: Czech geneticist and biologist who has served as Deputy Dean of Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague since 2008.
  • František Pecinovsky: Czech film, television and stage actor who has appeared in two Czech films, “Celá naše láska” (2017) and “Všichni moji blízcí” (2010).
  • Tomáš Pecinovsky: member of the Czech Centre Party, who has been a Member of Parliament for the Chamber of Deputies since 2018.
  • Pavla Pecinovská: Czech historian and assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno.
  • Jan Pecinovsky: a former professional Czech ice hockey player who played in the Czechoslovak Ice Hockey League.
  • Jana Pecinovská: Czech sprint canoer and world championship medallist who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

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