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Surname Pelton - Meaning and Origin

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Pelton: What does the surname Pelton mean?

Pelton is an English surname, derived from two Old English elements: "pelle", which means "stream", and "tun", which means "settlement" or "farm". So, in essence, it means a farm or a settlement by a stream. It's a habitational surname derived from any one of the several places, such as Pelton in County Durham and Pulton in Lancashire in the United Kingdom. These places are named with the Old English words 'pæll' and 'tun', which translates to 'the pool farmstead'. The surname was first recorded in the late 13th century in County Durham. Like many surnames, over centuries, several spelling variations of this surname have been used including Pulton, Poulton, Poolton and Polton. It's also worth noting that the last name Pelton is relatively rare, and therefore, people who bear this surname might be somehow related.

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Pelton: Where does the name Pelton come from?

The last name Pelton is most commonly found in the United States of America today. According to the 1990 United States Census, the last name Pelton was the 4,109th most popular name in the country, with approximately 14,076 individuals bearing the name.

Today, the states with the highest concentration of people with the last name Pelton are California, Utah, and Texas. In California, the last name Pelton ranks as the 1,393rd most popular name, with 3,078 individuals bearing the name. In Utah, the last name Pelton is the 854th most popular name, with 771 individuals bearing the name. In Texas, the last name Pelton ranks as the 1,152nd most popular name, with 1,634 individuals bearing the name.

Moreover, the largest population of Pelton families today can be found in the United States. Other countries that have concentrations of people with the last name include Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In Australia, the last name Pelton ranks as the 1,411th most popular name, with 20 individuals bearing the name. In Canada, the last name Pelton ranks as the 1,179th most popular name, with 32 individuals bearing the name. In the United Kingdom, the last name Pelton ranks as the 12,501st most popular name, with 54 individuals bearing the name.

Variations of the surname Pelton

The surname Pelton has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The following variants, spellings and surnames are all derived from the surname Pelton:

Peltone, Peltin, Peltun, Phellton, Pellton, Peltten, Phelton, Peltton, Peliton, Pelltin, Phelltin, Phelltinne, Phelthin, Pilton, Peltyn.

The origin of the surname Pelton has been traced back to the Middle English word "pelletun," which comes from the Old English word "pælltun." This word was used to refer to someone who lived near a "headland" or a plot of land with a hill at the end of it. It is thought that this was a common name for many people living in areas of Yorkshire.

The first records of the surname Pelton appear in the late 13th century, when a man named Thomas Pelton was mentioned in a chronicle of Yorkshire. It has since spread across the United Kingdom and the United States.

The surname Pelton is also popular in Germany, where it is spelled "Pelzeltun." It is also found in the Isle of Man, where it is spelled "Peltan" and in other Nordic countries, where it is spelled "Peltun."

The surname Pelton is still in use today and is considered to be one of the oldest English surnames. It is also a common name in many other countries throughout the world, including Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Pelton

  • Benjamin Pelton (American actor)
  • William Pelton (American real estate tycoon, philanthropist and author)
  • John Pelton (Australian concentration camp survivor and human rights campaigner)
  • Larry Pelton (American wrestler and martial arts instructor)
  • Donald Pelton (American Christian artist, illustrator and author)
  • Abel Pelton (American college football player for University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  • Edmund Pelton (American pianist, organist and conductor)
  • David Pelton (American television and radio host)
  • Samantha Pelton (American figure skater and Olympic medalist)
  • Ernst Pelton (American poet and short story writer)

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