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Surname Pertis - Meaning and Origin

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Pertis: What does the surname Pertis mean?

The surname Pertis doesn't appear to have a specific well-documented meaning or origin in widely recognized databases. It may be a variant of the surname "Pertusi" which is of Italian origin. Alternatively, it may be a variant of "Pertisau," a place name in Austria, and could have been taken by those who lived in or came from there. However, without more specific information regarding its country of origin, ethnolinguistic history, and migratory patterns, it's not possible to provide a definitive meaning. Surnames can depend on geographical locations, occupational titles, personal characteristics, or can be patronymic in nature (derived from the name of a father or ancestor). Therefore, an individual family’s history or anecdotal pass-downs can provide more personalized information about the surname Pertis. The name is rare and more context would be needed to provide a specific meaning or origin.

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Pertis: Where does the name Pertis come from?

The last name Pertis is most commonly found today in Europe. Specifically, it is found in Hungary and Austria, as well as smaller concentrations in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Croatia. The population is much smaller today than it was in the past when the name was more widespread, and it is rarely found in the United States.

The origin of the name is believed to have come from a French origin, and is derived from "parter," which means "to divide." This could be interpreted as the original family being divided amongst their progeny.

The name is thought to have been first used by the nobility, as a way to distinguish between families that had the same surname. This is also how it became widespread in France and multiple European countries today.

One interesting fact about the name Pertis is that it is similar to the name of the French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, which is often spelled "Renoir" but can also be spelled "Renot". The similarity in spellings could suggest a connection between the name Pertis and the painter.

Given its European origins, it is not likely that there will be a dramatic surge in the prevalence of Pertis in the United States, as it has already been greatly diminished from its earlier days. However, with the increase in intermarriage, it is not impossible that the name could indeed make its way back to the United States in the future.

Variations of the surname Pertis

The Pertis surname is found in Ireland and some parts of Europe and America. It may also be spelled as Purtis, Purtell, or Partise.

Partise is said to be the original form of the name, which evolved as Purtis in England. Purtis is often used in Ireland, while Pertis and Purtell are used in parts of Europe and America.

Partise is derived from the Latin ‘Partes’ which means ‘division or portion’. This suggests that the name might have been given to a person who owned or lived in a partitioned land.

The surname Pertis is also related to the surname MacPertise, which is derived from the Gaelic phrase ‘Mac Phairdise’ meaning ‘son of the portioner’. Similarly, the surname MacPurtell is derived from the Gaelic phrase ‘Mac Phuartail’, meaning ‘son of the portioner’.

The name Pertis has also evolved into variations such as Poetis, Poritis, Portis, Ports, Purdis, and Purser.

Variations of Pertis are thought to have evolved from a shortened version of Patrick. This suggests that some members of the Pertis family may be of Irish origin.

Overall, the surname Pertis is a diverse one, found in many regions of the world and in many variations. It is likely to have evolved from different sources in different countries, but all variants are related to this distinctive surname.

Famous people with the name Pertis

  • Stewie Pertis: Christian Hip Hop artist
  • Mark Pertis: Professional Australian Rules Football player in the Australian Football League
  • Michael Pertis: Actor best known for his role in the films The French Connection and Dog Day Afternoon
  • David Pertis: Well-known French mathematician
  • Tommy Pertis: American collegiate basketball player for Santa Clara University
  • John Pertis: World-renowned Chef
  • Matthew Pertis: British lawyer and author of financial literature
  • Jay Pertis: Award-winning photographer
  • Tom Pertis: Famous American musician and composer 10.Sam Pertis: Actor who has appeared in a number of films and TV shows

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