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Surname Pires - Meaning and Origin

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Pires: What does the surname Pires mean?

The last name Pires is of Portuguese origin and is derived from the word ‘pereira’. The name is probably derived from the Latin word ‘piraeus’ which means ‘pear tree’. This suggests that the family of Pires have some connection with having once lived in or close to a pear orchard.

The surname Pires is also thought to have been derived from a toponym – a place name – from the riparian mouth of the Lima river in northern Galicia, which has the same name as the Latin word. This region of Galicia is particularly noted for its pear orchards and thus it is likely that the family of Pires has its origins there.

The Pires family is believed to have originated in northern Portugal, and migrated to Galicia, which is known to have Portuguese-speaking people. By the 1500s, Pires was a common surname in many parts of Portugal, the Azores, Brazil and Galicia.

Today, the last name Pires has many variations, including Pires, Pierres, Perez, Peres, Pérez, Prez and Pimentel. The Pires family is still found in many areas of Portugal, Brazil and the Azores.

Overall, the Pires surname is derived from the Latin word ‘piraeus’, meaning pear tree, suggesting a connection with pear orchards. The Pires family likely originated in Portugal and later migrated to Northern Galicia, where it is still found today. The surname has several variations, including Pires, Pierres, Perez, Peres, Pérez, Prez and Pimentel.

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Pires: Where does the name Pires come from?

The last name Pires is most commonly found in Portugal, where it has a long and varied history. According to the Instituto dos Registos e Notariado (IRN), the surname Pires has been deprecated in Portugal since at least the 13th century. According to the IRN, the surname Pires was used by the local nobility of the North during the 9th and 10th centuries.

The prevalence of the surname Pires in Portugal today is likely due to the plenitude of those who migrated during the period of Portuguese colonization from the 15th to the early 19th centuries. The Portuguese population worldwide is estimated to be over 10 million individuals. As a result of this emigration, the surname Pires continues to be common throughout Portugal and the wider Portuguese diaspora, especially in Latin America and countries of the former Portuguese Empire.

The surname Pires is also common in other countries around the world as a result of immigration from Portugal along with other countries of Portuguese colonization. These include Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cabo Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe. The members of these diaspora typically identify strongly with their Portuguese heritage, leading to the continued prevalence of the last name Pires in these regions.

In the United States, Pires is most commonly found in Massachusetts, a longstanding center for Portuguese-American communities. Pires is also particularly prevalent in the state of Rhode Island, which also has a significant Portuguese population.

Overall, the surname Pires can be found in countries around the world, as a result of Portuguese migration and emigration in past centuries. Given Portugal’s rich cultural heritage and history, it’s likely that the name will continue to be common in both its home country and throughout the wider Portuguese diaspora.

Variations of the surname Pires

The surname Pires is an occupational name that originated from Portugal and Spain. It is also found in other parts of the world. The original spelling was Pires, but over time, the spelling has changed to various forms, including:

• Pierres

• Perez

• Pierson

• Piers

• Pearson

• Piersonne

• Peyrès

• Peyres

• Peyraud

• Peyre

• Piersen

• Piersol

• Peyroux

• Peyreau

• Peyrat

This surname is derived from the word Peter, meaning 'rock' in Latin. It was originally given to people who owned plots of land or had owned Baptismal records which bore the name Peters. The surname Pires was likely used in Portugal and Spain as an equivalent to foreign surnames such as Peter, Peters or Petres. The variants of this name are usually derived and pronounced distinctly from the original spelling.

Pirez and Peres are two alternative surnames which may also have originally been derived from Pires. These two spellings are mainly found in Latin and South American countries. Similarly, there are some alternative spellings like Peres, Peiris, Peirse, and Persons which, although having different spellings, may be connected to the root name Pires.

The surname Pires is quite uncommon and can be found mostly among people of Portuguese or Spanish descent. However, there are also some people with this last name who are not of Portuguese or Spanish descent. This could be due to immigrants who changed their surname from the original Pires to upcoming variants during their migration.

Famous people with the name Pires

  • Robert Pires: a professional French soccer player who played for top clubs Arsenal, Villareal and Marseille and for the French national team.
  • Lily Pires: a Brazilian pop singer, songwriter, TV host, vocal coach and YouTuber with over two million followers.
  • David Pires: a retired professional Portuguese soccer player who played for several clubs and the Portuguese national team.
  • Gustavo Pires: a Portuguese entrepreneur, CEO and investor in both national and international markets.
  • Luiz Carlos Pires: a retired Brazilian professional soccer player who played for the Brazilian national team and several different clubs.
  • Hugo Pires: a current Portuguese professional soccer player who plays for the Primeira Liga club Pacos de Ferreira.
  • Tuna Pires: a professional Portuguese surfer who has competed in the World Surf League, European Professional Surfing Champions and Atlantic Surfing Academy competitions.
  • Joao Pires: a retired Portuguese professional soccer player who spent most of his career playing for the Portuguese club Belenenses.
  • Francisco Pires: a Portuguese professional tennis player who is currently ranked in the ITF Top 800.
  • Isabelle Pires: a French journalist, author, feminist, human rights activist and lecturer.

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