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Surname Pockett - Meaning and Origin

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Pockett: What does the surname Pockett mean?

The surname Pockett is thought to originally be of Norman descent and was introduced into England following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name is believed to have been derived from an occupational nickname for a maker or seller of pouches, small bags, or pockets, from the Middle English word "pocket", which in turn comes from the Old French "poquette". This name was applied to someone who made these items, a trade which was important in the middle ages when clothing typically lacked built-in pockets as we know them today. Therefore, the skills of a pocket or pouch maker were in high demand. Another possibility is that it might have been used as a nickname for someone known for carrying a pouch or pocket. Like many surnames, over the centuries, different spellings have evolved. These can include Pochet, Poggett, Pouchet, and Pogett, amongst others. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation and were often derived from a person's occupation or from nicknames.

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Pockett: Where does the name Pockett come from?

The last name Pockett is believed to be of English or Scottish origins. It is most common throughout the United Kingdom, particularly in the South East region of England and in the Border Counties of Scotland. It is also common in the New England area of the United States.

The name can be seen in many records beginning in the 1600s in the United Kingdom, indicating that the name has been present in the area for many centuries.

In 1881, the family was most commonly found in Sussex, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire and Lancashire in England, and in mid-Scotland. By 1901, the name was most common in London, Lancashire, Chichester and York in England, and in Renfrewshire in Scotland.

Today, the Pockett name continues to be most popular in these areas, particularly in the United Kingdom.

The Pockett name can be found on genealogy websites and the birth, marriage and death records of family members can trace the origins and migration of the family through the centuries.

Variations of the surname Pockett

The surname Pockett is derived from three possible sources. The first is a Middle English derivative of "pocket," which is literally an additional container or small bag, or more figuratively a nickname for someone with a "dexterous manner of handling money." The second possible source is an Anglo-Norman French personal name, Poquet or Pocquet, meaning "envelope" and used as a nickname. Finally, in some cases the name could be derived from a number of localities in England so named, meaning "headland," "cape" or "brook."

Variations, alternate spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Pockett, Pocke, Pockett, Poket, Pokett, Pocket, Pokit, Pucket, Puckett, Puckit, Paquet, Packet, Packett, Packe, Paket, Pakett, Paccet, Packit, Paquette, Pauket, Paukett, Paughket, Paughkett and Pawket. The spelling Pocket is especially used in the United States.

In the majority of cases the surname is spelled as Pockett. However, due to regional dialectal differences and phonetic variations, alternative spellings may be found, such as Puckett, Packett, Paket, and so on. These otherwise minor variations may be excused as a result of illiterateness, language pronunciation, and culture on the part of those bearing the name during its evolution.

Surnames related to Pockett include Pocklington, Packe, Packer, Parkes, Parks, Page, Pacquette, Pack, Park, Peak, Pike, and Peeks.

Famous people with the name Pockett

  • Lauren Pokétt: Canadian singer-songwriter specializing in pop and folk music.
  • Adam Pokétt: British actor, best known for his role of Mr. Smithson in the BBC television series, ‘The Blackadder’.
  • Brad Pokétt: English football manager and former player, who currently is the Head Coach of the West Bromwich Albion in the English Premier League.
  • Dan Pokétt: British writer, poet, screenwriter and actor, known for his work on the BBC comedy series ‘Nighty Night’.
  • Emma Pokétt: British actress, best known for her role as Sarah in the BBC TV series ‘This Life’.
  • Paul Pokétt: British author of novels, short stories and plays, including the novel ‘Fish Out Of Water’.
  • Robert Pokétt: German-Canadian musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer, best known for his albums on the Erased Tapes label.
  • Tony Pokétt: Australian actor and voice coach, best known for his role as the voice of George Jasper on Neighbours.
  • Yves Pokétt: French professor and fashion designer, renowned for his highly theatrical and colourful collections.
  • Gillian Pokétt: American painter and visual artist, best known for her abstract works.

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