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Surname Pokrasse - Meaning and Origin

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Pokrasse: What does the surname Pokrasse mean?

The last name Pokrasse is of French origin and is believed to have originated from the Normandy region, which was one of the most influential regions of France during the Middle Ages. The surname is considered to be derived from the French word précoce, which means ‘early’ or ‘premature.’ Consequently, Pokrasse likely indicated a person who was ‘early’ or ‘premature’ in some way, such as an early arrival to a town or event.

Pokrasse is also a derivative of the given name Prosper, which means ‘good fortune.’ As such, the surname may have been given to a person who was seen as being lucky or prosperous. The name was also used to refer to a person who was successful in business.

The last name is rarely used in its original form, as it has often been modified over time. Some variations of Pokrasse include Porcel, Porcilla, Porcelan, Porcellan, Porcelli, Porcello, Porcillo, Porchello, and Porchey. It has also been anglicised to Porcell or Porchell to make it easier to pronounce in certain languages.

Pokrasse is a relatively uncommon name with fewer than 200 people using it throughout the world. Nevertheless, its origin may provide some insight into the lives and successes of the people that once bore the name.

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Pokrasse: Where does the name Pokrasse come from?

The last name Pokrasse is most commonly found among Jews of Ashkenazic origin, with large concentrations in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. The surname is often associated with those who existed in the small town of Pokrashevo during the 19th century – a small village in the Volozhin district of the Minsk governorate of the Russian Empire – which leads some to believe that those bearing the name must have originated from there.

It was during this era that many Ashkenazic Jews were forced to leave their homelands around what is now modern-day Ukraine and Poland as part of the extensive emigration that occurred to escape poverty and persecution. As such, the name can now be found in a variety of countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada.

When searching various online records databases, the Pokrasse surname pops up most frequently in the aforementioned countries in Europe and North America, due to the high numbers of emigration from the Eastern European nations that occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries. Though the exact origin of the name remains unclear, it is nevertheless quite widespread in many parts of the world. As such, today, the name Pokrasse remains a common one.

Variations of the surname Pokrasse

Pokrasse is a last name of German, Russian, and Slavic origin. Due to its evolution over the years, there are several variants and spellings of the surname, as well as several surnames derived from Pokrasse.

Variants of Pokrasse include Pochrasse, Pockrasse, Pokrass, Pockrass, and Pokras. Surnames derived from Pokrasse include Pokryschel, Pochraychen, Pockrowicz, and Pockross.

The spelling of the surname can vary greatly based on the area it is being used. For example, in German-speaking countries, the word is often spelled "Pockrasse," while the spelling used in Russia is typically "Pokrass." Other spellings found in Russia include "Pokrasse" and "Pokras." In the United States and other English-speaking countries, it is usually spelled "Pokrasse."

Pokrasse may trace its roots to the Middle High German words "pocch" and "rasse," which mean to knock and run, respectively. Additionally, the Polish word "pokreslac," which has the same meaning, could also be connected to this surname.

Overall, the surname Pokrasse has many variants and spellings, as well as several surnames derived from it. It likely has its roots in the Middle High German words "pocch" and "rasse" and may have some connection to the Polish word "pokreslac."

Famous people with the name Pokrasse

  • Roman Pokrass: a Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, he is most known for creating the Bronze Horseman ballet and The Flames of Paris
  • Iryna Pokrasse: Tsar of corporate communications and brand management in Ukraine
  • Pavel Pokrasse: a Russian former professional ice hockey goaltender
  • Anatoli Pokrasse: a Soviet composer and actor
  • Aleksey Pokrasse: a Latvian doctor and biology professor
  • Maxim Pokrasse: a Russian children's writer, poet, translator, and playwright
  • Dmitry Pokrasse: a Russian film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Bogdan Pokrasse: a Soviet swimmer and two-time Olympic medalist
  • Tatiana Pokrasse: a Soviet sprint canoer and three-time Olympic medalist
  • Ivan Pokrasse: a Russian engineer and Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry

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