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Surname Provance - Meaning and Origin

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Provance: What does the surname Provance mean?

The surname Provance has a number of possible origins. One possibility is that it is derived from the French term for 'province' or 'provincial'. This suggests a family that hailed from a particular region in France and may have been given the name upon arriving in another area. Another potential origin is a combination of the Old French word provir, which means 'to succeed', and the Latin word ance, which means 'ancestry or origin'. Thus, Provance could be interpreted as meaning 'succession from an ancient origin.'

Another possibility is that the name Provance originated from the Old English term prēowian, meaning 'to arrange or govern'. This is thought to reflect someone who was awarded the title due to their reputation as a ruler or authority figure in a particular region.

Lastly, Provance could have been derived from an ancient English personal name such as Prudens or Providens. These names were based on the Latin term prudentia, meaning 'understanding' or 'cautionsness'. Thus, Provance would represent somebody who was renowned for their wisdom and insight.

No matter its origin, it is thought the Provance surname likely originated in medieval times and first appeared in Britain around the 13th century. Since then, the Provance family have likely spread to many parts of the world. Although the exact meaning of the name is unknown, the Provance surname is a reminder of generations of rich family histories.

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Provance: Where does the name Provance come from?

The Provance family name has a long history and is most commonly associated with France. Today, the Provance name is most commonly found deep in the south of France, specifically in the region known as Midi-Pyrénées. There are also concentrations of Provance families found in other parts of the country like Paris and the surrounding area, Lorraine, and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Outside of France, families with the Provance surname can be found in Canada, Australia, and the United States. In North America, there are large concentrations of Provance families in Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, and New York. In the United States, there is also a large number of Provance families living in Texas, California, and Arkansas.

The Provance surname can also be encountered in other parts of the world including parts of South America, the Caribbean, and some parts of Europe. In England, there is a much smaller but still noticeable concentration of families with the Provance name, mostly in Somerset, Dorset, and Devon. In Germany, there is a smaller number of Provance families living in the western area of the country.

In general, the Provance surname is still relatively common all over the world. Some locations with a particularly large number of Provance families include France, Canada, the United States, England, and Germany. People with the Provance surname may also be living in other countries throughout Europe, South America, and even Africa. This is why it would not be a surprise to encounter a Provance family anywhere in the world.

Variations of the surname Provance

The surname Provance is of French origin, deriving from the Provençal word "Provance," meaning "a region in southern France." Variant spellings for Provance include Provence, Provencal, Provenceau, Provinseau, Provenceaux, Proveseau, Prouvost, Prouvez, Provoi, Provenian, Provençal, Provençau and Provençaux.

Surnames associated with the same origin as Provance include de Provence, Provençese, Provençons, Provençotte, Provençale, Provençaile, Provençen, Provençane, Prōvo, Provençaunce, Proveanz, Provenchelle, Provenciel, Proveauneaux, Provencio, Provancher, Provançand, Provantchez, Provançard, Provant, Provanteau and Provenant.

Provance is a patronymic, derived from given names, as well as geographical areas, and is sometimes found as the anglicized version of "de Provence" or "Provinçal." The name Provance is also associated with certain elements in French culture such as cuisine, language, art and music.

Variations of the surname Provance include: Provines, Provins, Provencey, Provens, Provenceau, Provinsree, Provinse, Province, Prouvens, Provenzano, Provinci, Prous, Provenceo, Provenceol, Provinsio, Provinsing, Provinceau, Provenzale, Provinjeau, Provanos, Provante, Provee, Provance, Proveance and Provo.

Variations of the surname Provance can also be found in places outside of France, such as Canada, United States, Australia, Italy, and England. Additionally, variants of the name Provance may have sprung up due to inaccurate records over the years.

Famous people with the name Provance

  • Adam Provance: American Professional Wrestler playing for the National Wrestling Superstars
  • Cynthia Provance: American Political expert and government advisor
  • D.C. Provance: American Football Coach and former Player
  • Jessica Provance: CEO and Co-Founder of an Angel Investment Group
  • Joe Provance: American Television Personality, Writer and Producer
  • Michael Provance: American Actor, acting since his teenage years in films and TV
  • Nathan Provance: Canadian Professional Basketball Player
  • Paul Provance: Business Executive of Nike
  • Richard Provance: Grammy Award-winning Engineer and Musician
  • Ronald Provance: American Air Force Veteran and Member of the U.S. Navy
  • Terry Provance: Award-Winning Writer and Novelist
  • Trey Provance: Professional Basketball Player for the Washington Wizards
  • William Provance: Actor and Voice Artist with over 30 years in the industry

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