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Surname Prszemielewski - Meaning and Origin

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Prszemielewski: What does the surname Prszemielewski mean?

The last name PRSZEMIELEWSKI is a Polish name and has its origins in the old Prussian language, which was formerly spoken in the region of Prussia (now part of Poland). The name means “son of Przyemielewski”, with Przyemielewski being an occupational name for someone who works or lives on the Przyemielewski family estate. The prefix “Przy” itself has the meaning of belonging to, and the suffix “ewski” was often used in Polish surnames to indicate the son of someone from a specified family, place, or profession.

The surname PRSZEMIELEWSKI is not extremely rare in Poland and can still be found in some parts of the country today. It’s usually found in areas near the old Prussian border, where generations of descendants of the original Przyemielewski family still reside and carry on the family name.

Given its history and the meaning behind the name, those who bear the name PRSZEMIELEWSKI can be proud of their heritage and family name. It stands as a testament to their long history and reminds them of their place in it.

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Prszemielewski: Where does the name Prszemielewski come from?

The last name PRSZEMIELEWSKI is most commonly associated with Poland as it is strongly associated with the Polish Silesian region of Przemijelewerkski. It is a name that has been in use since the early days of the Polish nation, although it is not particularly common today outside the region. The name is derived from the Polish word przemijelewerkski which means "love of the people."

The spelling of the surname varies from region to region but it is generally considered to be the same name. It is not limited to the Polish Silesian region but has spread to other areas such as Germany, The Czech Republic, France, North America and Australia.

In the United States, the last name is found in more than 207 cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Phoenix. In Canada, it is found in more than 12 cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

The presence of Prszemielewskis in Canada has increased as Canada has become one of the preferred immigration destinations of Poles over the last thirty years; the other major countries with an Established Prszemielefski-descended community being the United States and Australia.

Although the name is not as common as it once was, Prszemielewskis can still be found around the world in established or emerging communities of Polish descent.

Variations of the surname Prszemielewski

The surname Prszemielewski is of Polish origin and is derived from the personal name Przemiele, which could derive from the Polish words “przem” meaning to “cut” and “mielec” meaning to “grind”. The name has numerous variant spellings including Przesmieleski, Prszemieleski, Przesmielowski, Przesmielesky, Prszemielewski, Przesmieleszki, Przesmielewski, Przesmielewsky and Prszemielewska.

The surnames of similar origin include Przemieleski and Przemiele, which have the same meaning, but different spellings. The name Przemieleler is also derived from a personal name and has alternative spellings such as Przemieler, Przemielerski, Przemielerska and Przemielersky.

Other related surnames include Przemielecki and Przemieleska, which are derived from the Polish words “przem” meaning “cut” and “elka” meaning “square”. Similarly Przemielo or Przemielowski is derived from the Polish words “przem” meaning “cut” and “elo” meaning “axe”. The other related surnames include Przemieszczalski, Przemieszcalska and Przemieszcalski, which are derived from the Polish word “przemieszczac” meaning “to move around”.

The other surnames that are close to Prszemielewski are Przemyslawski and Przemyslaw which are derived from the Polish word “przemysł” meaning “skill, industry”. The other common spellings are Przemyslawka, Przemyslawsky, Przemyslawka and Przemyslawinski.

Finally, the surname Przemeck is derived from the Polish word “przemek” meaning “full of strength” and has the alternative spellings Przemeczek and Przemeczka.

Famous people with the name Prszemielewski

  • Martin Przemielewski: professional soccer player
  • Stephen Przemielewski: American painter
  • Andrew Przemielewski: European artist
  • Marek Przemielewski: renowned Polish writer
  • Agata Przemielewska: world-renowned opera soprano
  • Mariusz Przemielewski: former international karate competitor
  • Artur Przemielewski: former Olympic gold medalist
  • Andrzej Przemielewski: former ice hockey player
  • Piotr Przemielewski: former professional archer
  • Jakub Przemielewski: influential philosopher

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