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Surname Saccary - Meaning and Origin

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Saccary: What does the surname Saccary mean?

The last name Saccary is thought to have originated in France or Belgium. It is believed to be derived from the Latin word “saccus” which means “bag”. The surname was likely initially associated with a profession, as a saccary was someone who made or sold sacks, purses, and sacks of leather.

Over time, the surname became more widespread and became associated with a geographical area, as well as people with certain characteristics. In French, the surname is often associated with hard work, resilience, and stubbornness.

The surname has many variant spellings, with the most common being Sacary, Saccary, Sacci, Sacciary, Sacrie, Saxary, and several other forms.

The current documented usage of the surname is found in France, Belgium, Canada, and the United States.

In relation to other surnames in the world, the usage of Saccary is not widespread but it is relatively common in areas where its usage originated. Saccary is mostly found in French-speaking countries, such as France, Belgium, and Canada.

Though its usage may not be extremely widespread, like many other surnames, those who carry the name carry the same values and resilience in their lives and are quite proud to continue the legacy of their surname. The name Saccary is not likely to fade away anytime soon.

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Saccary: Where does the name Saccary come from?

The last name Saccary is most commonly found in the country of France; specifically, in the region of ‘Normandy’. Based on the last 1990 United States census there were only 9 people with the last name Saccary residing in the United States.

The first record of this surname dates back to the seventeenth century when Louis Saccary was born in 1613 in Rouen, Upper Normandy, France. This notable ancestor was later offered knighthood, due to his merits achieved in the kings military service in the city during the war of Devolution. He later returned to Normandy, and was eventually acknowledged in the readdL’Ordonnance granting him the honorable rank of ‘Gentleman of the Bedchamber’ to the king.

The Saccary surname has been traced to multiple locations in Normandy which includes; Paris, Rouen, Trouville, Breteuil, Orbec and Grandville. In each region, the name has taken various forms such as Saccary, Saccardy, Sacarcee, Saccace and Sacarzet.

Family members of the Saccary name are now found all around the world, primarily from French speaking countries, and continue to carry on their legacy of French heritage and culture on a global scale.

Variations of the surname Saccary

The surname Saccary is derived from the Latin word, sacer meaning "sacred". It is also sometimes spelled as Sacary or Saccary. Variants of the surname include Sacary, Sacré, Sacher, Sakry and Sakré. Some of the other surnames that can be traced back to the same origin as Saccary include Sacerdote, Sacchetto, Sacchei, Sakr, Sakkari and Sakariya.

The variations of the Saccary surname can be found in Europe, particularly in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. In France, the primary form is Sacré while Regions such as Franche-Comté and Alsace have high concentrations of the surname Sacary. In Spain, the Saccary surname is found in the provinces of A Coruña, Lugo and Galicia. The Italian version of the surname can be found in the provinces of Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto, and is spelled Sacchetto.

In Portugal, the most common form of Saccary is Sakr. It is most concentrated in the regions of the Algarve, Alto Alentejo and Beira Litoral. Additionally, the surname Sakariya can be found in small numbers in India, predominantly in the states of Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand.

In conclusion, the variants, spellings and surnames associated with the same origin of the Saccary surname are Sacary, Sacré, Sacher, Sakry, Sakré, Sacerdote, Sacchetto, Sacchei, Sakr, Sakkari, Sakariya, and the singular Sakari. These surnames can be found in various countries in Europe, India, and Portugal.

Famous people with the name Saccary

  • Natacha Saccary, former journalist, model and actress
  • Philippe Saccary, French piano composer and conductor
  • Jack Saccary, American comedian
  • Marcel Saccary, French ensemble and orchestral director
  • Jean-Louis Saccary, French jazz saxophonist
  • John Saccary, British film editor
  • Luc Saccary, French film producer
  • Stéphan Saccary, French actor
  • Jacky Saccary, French actor
  • André Saccary, French opera singer

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