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Surname Sachsenweger - Meaning and Origin

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Sachsenweger: What does the surname Sachsenweger mean?

The last name Sachsenweger originates from Germany, and is derived from the Middle High German word ‘sassic,’ which refers to people from the County of Saxony. The addition of ‘weger’ indicated the name bearer’s position in society, as the suffix was used to denote a person of a higher class. Specifically, it was used to identify people of higher status such as landowners, and people of wealth, power, or nobility.

The name Sachsenweger was popularized as the name of a dynasty of nobles, which included the Counts of Sachsenweger. Members of this aristocratic family were active during the Middle Ages, and lived in the areas of Limburg and the Duchy of Cleve.

More generally, people of the Sachsenweger name originally came from Saxony, an area now situated in East Germany. It is believed that many of them were well-to-do farmers raising crops, and running successful businesses. Many of the Sachsenweger’s that emigrated from their homeland, came to Europe in search of freedom, and a new start.

Today, there are people of the Sachsenweger name living all over the world, however they remain spread out. For instance, some are living in Germany, the United States, Australia, and South Africa. The Sachsenweger family is continued to be carried on through its people, and is a testament to its long history and strong traditions.

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Sachsenweger: Where does the name Sachsenweger come from?

The last name Sachsenweger is a common and widespread surname in Germany and surrounding countries. The name is derived from the Germanic word “sach” meaning state or judge, and “weger” meaning to protect. Together, the name translates as “protector of the state”.

In Germany, most families bearing this name are found in the region around Bavaria, with some also located in the Ruhr Area. Additionally, there are some living in areas of East Germany, Westphalia, Saxony, and Prussia. Similarly, the surname is also a common one around Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

Emigration from Europe in the late 19th century and beyond brought the surname to North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. There are scattered records of Sachsenweger families located in South America, primarily Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Today, the surname likely can be found most commonly in Germany and surrounding countries, followed by the United States and Canada. It also can be found in South American countries, Australian, and those of the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Sachsenweger

The surname Sachsenweger is a German locational surname, derived from the region of Saxony (Sachsen, in German). It is also associated with the topographic name "weger", which is an old word for an area of plowed land.

The main variations of Sachsenweger are Sachseneuger, Sachseneuker, Sachsenaeker, Sachsmaeker, Sassenacker, Sassenmacker, Saxenacker, Saxenmacker, Saxonacker, Saksonacker, Saksonmacker, Saxenkieker, Saxen Guyser and Saxon Guyser.

The variations of the surname may also appear with different prefixes or suffixes. For example, Sachsenweger can be written as Sachsenwegers, Sachseneugers or Sachsenwegersons.

In addition, the surname may be written in different ways to reflect the regional dialect. For example, Sachs might be written Saks, Sakss, or Saats. Similarly, the spelling of "weger" may also undergo changes, such as Waakkaer, Waer, Wake, Weiher, or Wald.

Alternative spellings of the surname include: Sachseneuger, Sachseneuker, Sachsenaeker, Sachsmaeker, Sassenacker, Sassenmacker, Saxenacker, Saxenmacker, Saxonacker, Saksonacker, Saksonmacker, Saxenkieker, Saxen Guyser and Saxon Guyser. Variants of the surname Sachsenweger may also appear with the prefixes of ‘van’, ‘von’, ‘de’ or ‘der’.

The other families who are related to Sachsenweger are Sachsenberg, Sachsendorf, Sachsewinden, Sachsenzeller, Sachsenbergen, Sachsenwasser, Sachsenstetter, Sachsenwurzel, Sachsenweil, Sachsenkorb, Sachsdorf, Sakawalker, Saksewinder, Sakser, Sakserberg, Sakserzeller, Sakswerler, Sakswurzel and Sakserwaler.

Famous people with the name Sachsenweger

  • Sienna Sachsenweger: Sienna is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and model from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Elizabeth Sachsenweger: Elizabeth is an international award-winning film, television and commercial actor from the Phoenix area.
  • Steve Sachsenweger: Steve is a Grammy-award winning musician and producer, best known for his work as an instrumental and vocalist with the band Mineral.
  • David Sachsenweger: David is a Serbian-born artist and illustrator, who designs posters, CD covers and comedy websites.
  • Melinda Sachsenweger: Melinda is an American journalist and science writer, having written for a wide range of publications such as The New York Times, Scientific American, and The Atlantic.
  • Rose Sachsenweger: Rose is an Austrian fashion designer, having worked with a variety of high-profile labels such as Marni and Isabel Marant.
  • Kramer Sachsenweger: Kramer is an American author, having written several best-selling fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Mark Sachsenweger: Mark is a German-American visual artist, known for his vibrant abstract oils and watercolors.
  • Christina Sachsenweger: Christina is an American contemporary dancer and choreographer.
  • Lawrence Sachsenweger: Lawrence is a Swiss acrobat and stuntman, having performed with such companies as Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

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