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Surname Sachße - Meaning and Origin

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Sachße: What does the surname Sachße mean?

The last name Sachße is an occupational surname belonging to people who made or sold hammers or sledgehammers. It is derived from the German word sachße which means "hammer".

Originally, those with the surname Sachße were craftsmen and merchants who worked with tools, such as hammers and sledgehammers. The trade of forging or selling these tools was highly respected and often passed down through families, which is why the surname remains in use today.

However, it is possible that there were other occupations associated with this surname in its early history. It may have referred to people who worked as blacksmiths, since forging tools such as hammers and sledgehammers required the skills of a skilled craftsman.

Due to its long history, the surname Sachße can be found in Germany, Austria, and other European countries. It can even be found in the United States, where German immigrants brought the name to create a new branch of the Sachße dynasty in the New World.

Today, people with the surname Sachße can be found all around the world, having dispersed to many different countries over the years. Like other occupations, the meaning of the name is no longer limited to its origin, as it is now part of many family trees and can be found in many languages and countries.

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Sachße: Where does the name Sachße come from?

The last name Sachße is most commonly found in Germany today, where it is one of the 100 most common surnames. Sachße is thought to be of German-Ashkenazi origin, derived from the Yiddish word “Shachse”, meaning “stranger”. It is likely that Sachße became the surname of Jewish families who immigrated from Eastern Europe, mainly to Germany, to escape persecution in the 19th century. Although some Sachße families might have stayed in Eastern Europe, the largest number of Sachße’s settled in Germany, especially in cities like Berlin and Frankfurt.

As with many surnames, spellings of Sachße have been altered over centuries of migration and assimilation. Variations of Sachße include Saße, Sachse, Sachsse, Sachs, Sachsman and Shachse.

Today, Sachße families are most likely to be found in Germany and other parts of Europe, although there are a few Sachße families who have migrated to the United States throughout the 20th century. There are currently over 15,000 Sachße’s registered in Germany and about 1,000 in the US.

It is likely that the Sachße surname will continue to spread over the coming decades as more people migrate and families assimilate with their new cultures. Although the Sachße name might look and sound different in different parts of the world, it is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Jewish people and their families.

Variations of the surname Sachße

Sachße is a German surname that has variant spellings, surname origins and different surnames linked to it. The most common variant is Sachse, and there are various other spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The main spelling variations of Sachße include Sachse, Sachss, Sachs, Sache, Saache, Sachess, Sach, Sachsse, Sachsses, Sachses, Sachesse, Sachsez, Sachsei, Sachssé, Satsche, Sathsche, Satche, Satsches and Sachsse.

The origin of the surname Sachße dates back to the Middle Ages. In Germany, the name is derived from ‘Sachs’, which was an occupation for somebody who makes axes and other weapons. People with this surname also refer to them as 'axe-makers' in English. Therefore, the surname Sachße is linked to craftsmen and armourers who crafted the weapons required in battle.

The surname Sachße is similar to surnames derived from a given name as well as place names. Examples of related names include Sachs, Sachsen, Sachser and Sachsler. Other related surnames include Sachsman, Sachsmann, Sachsheimer, Sachshöfer, Sachsut, Sachsuta, Sachsova, Sachso, Sachsovi, Sachsmann, Sachsse, Sachsstein and Sachă.

Although the surname Sachße is linked to many spellings and surnames, all of them refer to the same origin. People with this name are related to craftsmen and armourers who crafted the weapons required for battle. This surname today is still popular in Germany, and many variations can be found in different parts of Europe.

Famous people with the name Sachße

  • Florence Sachse: German fashion designer and businesswoman
  • Henri Sachse: German businessman and chemist
  • Otto Sachse: German lawyer, politician and writer
  • Alfred Sachse: German psychologist and lecturer
  • Robert Sachse: German entrepreneur
  • Moritz Sachse: German philosopher
  • Carl Sachse: German medical practitioner
  • Reinhard Sachse: German actor
  • Christine Sachse: German politician
  • Hans Sachse: German chemist and physicist
  • Ann-Kathrin Sasse: German singer
  • Helga Sachse: German chemist
  • Count Heinrich von Sassesen: German poet
  • Erich Sachse: German actor
  • Charlotte Sachse: German actress
  • Constantin von Sassesen: German magistrate and entrepreneur
  • Reinhold Sachse: German painter
  • Karl Sasse: German engineer
  • Eva Marie Sachse: Swiss painter
  • Hilda Sachse: German poet and writer

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