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Surname Saddington - Meaning and Origin

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Saddington: What does the surname Saddington mean?

The surname Saddington is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from a place called Saddington in Leicestershire, England. The place name, recorded as "Sadingtun" in the Domesday Book of 1086, means "settlement (in Old English, 'tun') of Saeda's people." Here, Saeda is a personal name, indicating a leader or prominent figure. Therefore, the surname Saddington typically denotes a person who hails from this geographical location. In broader terms, the surname falls into the category of habitation names, which were originally acquired by the original bearers because they lived near a physical feature like a hill, stream, church, or type of tree, or they were derived from pre-existing names for towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads. As people began to move or migrate, these place-names often became used as a form of identification to distinguish between people with common first names.

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Saddington: Where does the name Saddington come from?

The surname Saddington is most common in England, particularly in the East Midlands and South West. It is one of the oldest recorded Scottish surnames dating back to the mid 1400s. The latest estimated population of people with the last name Saddington in Great Britain is around 11,000. Today, the Saddington surname can be found especially in Yorkshire, Sussex, Surrey, Lincolnshire, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

Currently, the Saddington surname is found in less than 1% of the British population. It is thought to have originated in the North of England, although the exact origin is not certain. It is nonetheless believed to be a shortened version of -Saddingtonbar. This was likely a place name, derived from a word meaning 'saddler's town' or 'property belonging to the Saddler family'.

In the 1700s, many of the family moved to Australia, the US, Canada, and South Africa. Today, Saddington family members can be traced to these countries as well as South America, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. As such, it is not considered a particularly rare surname. It is, however, a name with a long and documented history. As with many other long-standing British surnames, Saddington continues to remain an important part of family and cultural history.

Variations of the surname Saddington

The variants of surname Saddington include Sodington, Suddington, Seddington, Sadinton, Saddintown, Sodington, Sadinton, Sadintown and Siddington. Some common spellings are Seddington, Siddington, Sadinton and Sodington.

Seddington is one variant of Saddington that originated in England. This name is derived from the Old English word “sede”, which means “yard” and “tun” which means “enclosure”. The name refers to a person who lived in or near a yard that was surrounded by a fence or wall.

Suddington is also a variant that is derived from the Old English words “sodde” and “tun”. This name refers to a person who lived in or near a clearing in a wooded area.

Sodington is likely the most common variant of Saddington and is derived from the Old English words “sode” and “tun”, which again means “yard” and “enclosure”. This refers to a person who lived in or near a yard surrounded by a fence or wall.

Sadinton is a variant derived from the Old English words “sadde” and “tun” which means “dried wood” and “enclosure”. This name refers to a person who lived in or near a dry wooded area enclosed by a fence or wall.

Sadintown and Siddington both come from the same origin as Saddington. Sadintown is derived from the Old English words “sadde” and “tun”, meaning “dried wood” and “enclosure”. Siddington is derived from the Old English words “sidi” and “tun”, meaning “south wood” and “enclosure”.

The surname Saddington and its variants all have the same origin, though there are slight differences in their meanings. All the variants originate from the Old English words “sede”, “sodde”, “sode”, “sadde”, “sidi” and “tun” meaning “yard”, “clearing”, “dried wood” and “enclosure” respectively.

Famous people with the name Saddington

  • Gemma Saddington: British actress best known for her appearance in short films and TV movies
  • Duke Saddington: Australian journalist and radio presenter
  • William Saddington: British engineer and inventor
  • Thomas Saddington: English poet and playwright
  • Eddie Saddington: Jamaican-American musician and film composer
  • John Saddington: American entrepreneur and software engineer
  • Jorge Saddington: Spanish ballroom dancer
  • Marie Saddington: French novelist best known for her romantic fiction
  • Katie Saddington: American chef and restaurateur
  • Steve Saddington: British painter and sculptor

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