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Surname Saddler - Meaning and Origin

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Saddler: What does the surname Saddler mean?

The surname Saddler is of occupational or trade origin, derived from the occupation of its original bearers. It comes from the Latin word "sella," through the old French "sadel," and then the old English "sadelere," which was used in medieval times to refer to a maker or seller of saddles, harnesses, and other riding equipment. Individuals were often named after their profession in the Middle Ages, hence, the last name Saddler was likely first given to someone who held this profession. It was a common practice that a son would follow their father's profession, so the name could have passed down through generations. The name suggests that the ancient bearers were skilled craftsmen providing essential services to those who used horses for transport, farming, and other activities. Over time, variations of the surname Saddler have developed, including Sadler, Sadleir, and others. In terms of distribution, this last name is most prevalent in the United States and England.

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Saddler: Where does the name Saddler come from?

The last name Saddler is most commonly seen in America today. It is a name commonly found among immigrants from the British Isles. It typically originates from the English occupational surname of those who worked with leather. In some cases it was also used as a nickname for people who acted in a subtle and clever way.

The surname saw a surge in popularity in the 19th century when many English immigrated to the United States. The modern distribution of the last name Saddler appears to be concentrated in the south central and Midwest regions of the United States. Today, the last name Saddler is the 13,384th most common name in the US, and the 4,463rd most common surname overall.

The last name Saddler is found in many other countries around the world, although it is much less common than in the United States. It is found in large numbers in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, and notably in the UK. The surname Saddler is particularly concentrated in the South East of England, along the east coast from Lincolnshire up to Northumberland, and in East Anglia in particular.

Variations of the surname Saddler

The Saddler surname can take many forms, variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variants of the surname Saddler include Sadell, Sadler, Saedler, Sadlier, Saedle, Saedeler, Saedlur, Sadálek, Saddlar, Siddle, Saydler, Sadeler, and Saydle. Some of these variations may be found in sources such as the US Census and Vital Records, or in other genealogical resources.

The origin of the surname Saddler is largely British, and was derived from the Old English word “sadell” or “sadel,” which was used to describe an occupational person s who made and mended saddles. The Saddler surname found it’s way to many parts of Europe over the centuries, with variations seen in Austria, Germany, and Hungary, due to immigration and emigration.

The Saddler surname is also seen with some variations such as Saydler or Saeldler, which can be traced back to Germanic origins. Other spellings of Saddler, such as Sadeler, Saedler, and Saedeler may be found in Dutch and Czech records from the early 20th century.

The Saddler surname is also related to other surnames related to similar occupations, such as Saddlery, Saddleman, Saddleryman, Saddlermaker, Saddlerman, Sadlerman, and Saddlemaker. In addition, there are variant forms of the variations of Saddler, such as Saltalar, Sadalar, Sadinalar, Sajalar, and Sadalar.

The Saddler surname is found all over the world today, and continues to be a common surname in many countries. As a result, the variations on the surname are numerous and have been adopted by different families across generations.

Famous people with the name Saddler

  • Eric Saddler: Grammy-winning record producer and music director.
  • Wally Saddler: Jazz trumpeter and singer.
  • Flora Saddler: Gospel singer.
  • Ike Saddler: British politician and Member of Parliament.
  • Duke Saddler: American basketball player and coach.
  • Rebecca Saddler: Actress and voice artist.
  • Roger Saddler: American painter.
  • Blake Saddler: Actor.
  • Lionel Saddler: Former English Football player.
  • Bernard Saddler: Former Member of Parliament for West Bromwich.
  • Thadeus Saddler: Canadian politician and businessperson.
  • Sam Saddler: Author and poet.
  • Thomas Saddler: English barrister and politician.
  • Del Saddler: Character actor and playwright.
  • Joe Saddler: American football player.
  • Deuce Saddler: Professional wrestler.
  • Katelyn Saddler: Reporter and broadcaster for CBS3 Philly.
  • Kathryn Saddler: Professional classical flutist.
  • Sharlene Saddler: Indigenous Australian actor.
  • Bob Saddler: Jazz percussionist.

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