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Surname Safier - Meaning and Origin

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Safier: What does the surname Safier mean?

The last name Safier is of Hebrew origin and is thought to be derived from the Hebrew word “saphir” which means “beauty”. It is likely that this name originated as a surname that refers to the beauty of a person’s physical appearance or character.

Safier is thought to have first been used in Europe during the medieval period. During this time, it became more common for people to receive surnames in order to identify their family’s origin. It is thought that people with the last name Safier may have either been Jewish converts or may have descended from Jewish families that left Portugal or Spain during this period of the Spanish Inquisition.

The presence of the surname Safier in various cultures around the world further suggests that the family may have spread throughout Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia, and other countries. Beyond Europe, the name is also found in areas with Jewish populations such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Today, the surname Safier is still used throughout the world and has a long history, its name having been passed down through generations. Those with the name Safier may take pride in its meaning and the journey it has taken over centuries, from being associated with beauty to representing family heritage.

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Safier: Where does the name Safier come from?

The last name Safier is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, most commonly found in the United States, but also present in Europe and other places with Jewish populations. It has two possible origins: one is that Safier is derived from the Hebrew name Zipporah (meaning 'bird'), and the other is that it is a form of the Yiddish name "Zdvoer".

In the United States, the most common states for the last name Safier are New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida. The most heavily populated cities in these states are New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami. In the 2000 US census, there were 763 people reported with the last name Safier, with the majority living in the northeastern United States.

The largest population of Safier in Europe can be found in the United Kingdom. Within the UK there are over 1,100 people with this last name. Other countries in Europe with high populations of Safier are Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, France, and Germany.

Outside of Europe and the US, where Safier can also be found, is Israel – particularly in Jerusalem. However, due to the large size of the Jewish population in Israel, the amount of Safier residing there is unclear.

Overall, the Safier last name is mostly found in countries with large Jewish populations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel. Although people with the last name Safier are present in other countries, their numbers are not as large.

Variations of the surname Safier

The surname Safier has a few variants, spellings, and surnames derived from a common origin.

One variant of the surname is Safir, with spelling variants such as Safar, Safirr, Zafir, and Zafar. This surname is of Hebrew origin, derived from the word "tzaphir," which means "brilliant" or "splendid." It is usually found in families of Jewish origin.

Another variant of the name is Safer, with spelling variants such as Saffar, Saferz, Saffer, and Safur. This surname is derived from the Arabic word for "redness," typically associated with desert sand or earth. It is mainly found among Arab and Middle Eastern families of Islam origin.

The surname Schaffer is also related to the surname Safier. This surname is German in origin, derived from the term "Schaf," referring to a sheep-farmer. It is mainly found among German families stemming from Protestant origins.

The surname Safir is also related to Safier. It is of Russian origin, derived from the word "safran," meaning "saffron." This surname is mainly found among families of Eastern European origin.

Lastly, the surname Safai is also related to Safier. This surname is of Persian origin, derived from the words "safa," meaning "purity," and "ai," meaning "he has." It is mainly found among families of Persian origin.

In conclusion, the surname Safier has many different variants, spellings, and surnames derived from various origins, but all have the same general derivation. Different families have each of these related surnames in their lineages, but some may have variants which are specific to only their particular family.

Famous people with the name Safier

  • David Safier: German novelist and television script writer. He is best known for his bestselling books Muxmäuschenstill, Jesus Loves Me and Happily Ever After.
  • Paul Safier: Pilot and test pilot, credited with flying the first U.S. prototype jet plane.
  • Eric Safier: American comedy actor, best known for his roles in TV shows like Cheers, The Golden Girls, and as a recurring cast member on Saturday Night Live.
  • Robert Safier: Founder of Safier Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of natural and innovative pain relief products.
  • Maurice Safier: French-born, British-based writer and director. He is best known for his work on the Oscar-nominated film, My Beautiful Laundrette.
  • Stephan Safier: Lead guitarist from the Canadian rock band, Prism.
  • Judy Safier: American portrait photographer best known for her portrait of novelist and poet Walt Whitman.
  • Marcela Safier: Chilean journalist, critic, and intellectual. She is a strong advocate for educational reform, especially among the poorest citizens.
  • Margaret Safier: American painter and teacher, renowned for her vibrant colour abstracts.
  • Louis Safier: Brazilian producer, political commentator and radio personality. Known for a droll sense of humor, he is one of the most respected voices in the country’s media.

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