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Surname Safret - Meaning and Origin

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Safret: What does the surname Safret mean?

The surname Safret doesn't seem to have a specific meaning that is easily found in readily available historical, linguistic, or genealogical sources. It's quite possible that this surname could be a variation of other surnames, slightly modified due to regional accents, misspellings, or translations from different languages. Many surnames have evolved over the centuries due to these factors. Without specific information about its country of origin, cultural context, or linguistic roots, it is quite challenging to determine the exact meaning of the surname Safret. It is suggested that anyone interested in tracing the meaning or origin of this surname to consider professional genealogical research or genetic ancestry testing.

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Safret: Where does the name Safret come from?

The last name Safret can be found in a few countries around the world. In France, the name is most often associated with the Alsace region, in the northeastern part of the country. Given the history of the country, there are also records suggesting the last name has been found in the neighbouring states of Germany and Luxembourg.

In the United States, there are records of the Safret name being used by people of French, German, and Luxembourgish ancestry. These names have typically been sourced to Alsace-Lorraine, as well as to several other parts of France. Furthermore, there are records of people with the Safret surname who have immigrated to the US from other countries, most notably Brazil, Columbia, and the Dominican Republic.

Elsewhere, there are records of small numbers of the Safret name being found in the Czech Republic, England, Hungary, Spain, and the Netherlands. These records are most likely connected to the aftermath of World War I and World War II, when many Europeans migrated to various nations across Europe and the world.

Given that the Safret surname has origins in France, it is no surprise that it is most commonly associated with France, as well as other countries in Western Europe, such as Germany and Luxembourg. Over time, the name has also become associated with several countries in South America and the Caribbean as a result of immigration.

Variations of the surname Safret

The surname Safret has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The first variant of the last name is Saforit. This variant is commonly seen in France and Spain. The second variant is Safrit. This variant is most commonly seen in the United States and Canada. The third variant is Sofrit. This variant is most commonly seen in Austria and Germany.

The fourth variant of the surname is Safre. This variant is commonly seen in Spain and Latin America. The fifth variant is Saffredi or Saffredini. This variant is mainly seen in Italy and offers a trace of Italian roots. The sixth variant of the name is Safrati. This variant is mainly seen in the Middle East and North Africa. The seventh variant is Saufroit. This variant is mainly seen in France.

The eighth variant is Souffret. This variant is mainly seen in France and is derived from the French verb "souffrir" which means "to suffer". The ninth variant is Zafri. This variant is mainly seen in the Middle East and offers a trace of Arabic roots. The tenth variant is Saffert. This variant is mainly seen in Germany.

The last variant is Safer. This variant is mainly seen in Israel and offers a trace of Jewish roots. All of these variants point to an origin or trace of limited geographic regions. Due to the diverse origins of the surname Safret, there are many spellings in which the name can be written.

Famous people with the name Safret

  • Jean-Paul Safret (actor and television presenter)
  • Jean-Claude Safret (musician and composer)
  • Vincent Safret (gymnast)
  • Monique Safret (dancer)
  • Edme Safret (Civil Servant)
  • Jocelyn Safret (actor, director, and editor)
  • Jacques Safret (Swiss musician and conductor)
  • Christian Safret (former French professional football goalkeeper)
  • Nicole Safret (artist, photographer, and sculptor)
  • Julien Safret (football goalkeeper)
  • Reine Safret (French actress)
  • Yvette Safret (French actress)
  • Guilherme Safret (Brazilian footballer)
  • Marc Safret (French actor)
  • Chris Safret (American math professor)
  • Romain Safret (European marketing executive)
  • André Safret (French artist and poet)
  • Robert Safret (French producer)
  • Emeline Safret (French soprano)
  • Jean Safret (former professional boxer)

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