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Surname Sakovich - Meaning and Origin

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Sakovich: What does the surname Sakovich mean?

The last name Sakovich is thought to be of Russian origin. It is a patronymic surname derived from the given name "Sak", a variant of the more common name "Sasha". The origin of the name "Sasha" is derived from the diminutive "Aleksandr." The prefix “Sak” (or “Sakha”) is a Russian term which signifies “the same." As such, the surname Sakovich literally translates to “son (or descendent) of Sakha” or “son of Sasha."

The Sakovich surname is quite common in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. In fact, the name is so common that it is estimated that it is borne by over 230,000 people throughout the world. While it is most frequently found in Russian speaking countries, variants of the name also occur in other Eastern European contexts, such as Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. Furthermore, due to the wide influx of Russian emigrants to other countries outside of Europe, the name is also found in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

All in all, the last name Sakovich is a patronymic surname of Russian origin, derived from the given name “Sak". It is most widely found among Russian-speaking people, but is also found with some frequency in other parts of Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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Sakovich: Where does the name Sakovich come from?

The surname Sakovich is derived from the Old Russian term "sak," which means hedge or fence. It is primarily found in Slavic countries such as Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, where family members may have originated.

In the US, the surname Sakovich appears to overlap in prevalence with its more frequently found variant, Sakhno. Studies show that the surname is located strongly in the upper Midwest, particularly in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the lake states region. Other areas include Pennsylvania and Illinois, where the surname may have been adopted by immigrants from Eastern Europe.

The name is also found in Canada, most often in Ontario. Thus, the highest concentrations of the surname Sakovich appear to be in the midwestern parts of North America.

People known to have the surname Sakovich have left their mark throughout history, from scientists to actors. Valerian Sakovich was known as a Belarusian bacteriologist whose work with tularemia bacteria was respected within the scientific community. Meanwhile, American actor Aaron Sakovich was known for his work in the television medical drama series ER, as well as films like Murder, She Wrote and She Wrote: The Return.

In today’s world, the surname Sakovich is still fairly uncommon compared to others, yet it remains prominent in North America and throughout parts of Eastern Europe. Depending on the region, the spelling may also differ, such as Saakovich or Sakowicz. That being said, the name Sakovich is associated with a proud heritage and generations of individuals who made meaningful contributions to society.

Variations of the surname Sakovich

The surname Sakovich is a common East and Central European surname, of noble pedigree, and commonly has two variants: Sakovics and Sakovitz. It is typically spelled Sakovitch, Sakovic, and Sakovits and is thought to have emerged from an affluent section of Slovak and Slovakian society.

The root of the family’s name is the Slavic word “sak”, meaning noble or wealthy. The suffix “ovich” or “its” is then added to indicate the person belonging to the family with that class designation. So, the literal translation of the name means “belonging to a noble family” or “descended from a noble family”.

Spellings vary slightly within different countries. In countries including Belarus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine, the surname is usually spelled Sakovits or Sakovics. In Romania and Russia, it is usually spelled Sakovitch.

Surnames derived from the Sakovich name are also found across Europe. In Belarus, there is Sakovshchan, whilst in Poland it is Sakowicz. In Romania, you will find Sakoviciu, and in Slovakia, Sakovict.

In the United States, the surname Sakovich is found mainly among those with Eastern European roots, particularly those originating from Ukraine.

In conclusion, the surname Sakovich is found throughout East and Central Europe and has some common spelling variants and relatives, including Sakovitch, Sakovics, Sakovitz, Sakovshchan, Sakowicz, Sakoviciu, and Sakovict.

Famous people with the name Sakovich

  • Maksim Sakovich: Russian basketball player who plays in the VTB United League for the team BC Khimki.
  • Valeriy Sakovich: Belarusian footballer who plays for German club Magdeburg.
  • Maksim Sakovich: Russian ice hockey forward who currently plays for the KHL team Admiral Vladivostok.
  • Karol Sakovich: professional Austrian snowboarder.
  • Timofey Sakovich: Ukrainian footballer and coach who currently works for the Lviv's Football School.
  • Stepan Sakovich: Russian golfer and winner of the 2004 PGA Tour Canadian Open.
  • Oleg Sakovich: Ukrainian graphic novelist and comic book artist.
  • Philippe Sakovich: Belgian handball player who currently plays for Swedish club IFK Kristianstad.
  • Ivan Kirillovich Sakovich: Russian General of the Cavalry who fought in the Napoleonic wars, known for his bravery and for his victory over the Napoleon's army at the Battle of Maloyaroslavets.
  • Vladislav Sakovich: Belarusian triple jumper who competed at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing.

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