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Surname Salgado - Meaning and Origin

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J. Salgado

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Salgado: What does the surname Salgado mean?

Salgado is a common last name of Spanish origin. It is generally believed to mean “the salt pit” or “the place where salt is harvested or sold”. This is likely due to the prevalence of salt harvesting during the period in which the name took form. The name Salgado is likely derived from the Latin word sal, which means “salt”.

Traditionally, Salgados were associated with the production and selling of salt, as well as its use as a preservative or flavoring. It was likely a common name among salt traders and merchants of olden days. As the history of the name caveat, the meaning of Salgado doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a place that sells or harvests salt, but it could also refer to someone who is associated with or honors salt in some way.

Today, the name Salgado is widely used throughout both Spain and Portugal. Individuals with this surname are scattered around the globe, though the majority of them live in Iberian countries or America. In Spain, the name Salgado is said to be a synonym for faithfulness and trustworthiness, synonymous with other last names such as Valdés, indicating loyalty to the religion of one’s family.

The name Salgado continues to be remembered and celebrated as a sign of hard work and fortitude. Those with this surname are often proud of their heritage and work diligently to preserve their culture. For Salgados, the tradition and history of their name remain a source of honor and pride.

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Salgado: Where does the name Salgado come from?

The last name Salgado is a very common surname throughout the world today. It is a popular name primarily in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Spain. It is also very common in countries where immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries have settled, such as Canada and the United States.

The origin of the last name Salgado is uncertain, but is likely a derivative of the Latin surnames Salgatus or Salgadensis. The name likely makes reference to salted meat, meaning someone who dealt in salted meats. It is also possible that it was given to someone who resided near salty or brackish waters, as Salgado means ‘salty’ in Spanish.

The surname is most popular today in Spain and Spain’s former colonial possessions, but it is also fairly common in various other countries around the world. In countries with large Latinx populations, such as the United States, Salgado is one of the most common surnames. The Salgado family is also well-known in Mexico due to various famous personalities in the Televisa and Fenaltec corporate groups. As Spanish-speaking culture continues to spread, the last name Salgado is also likely to expand in popularity.

Variations of the surname Salgado

The surname Salgado is derived from the Latin word "salix," meaning willow or willow tree. This surname was most likely adopted by the family members of a person who lived near a willow tree.

Variants of this surname include: Salgad, Salgados, Solgado, Solgados, Salgueiro, Salgueiros, Salguero and Salgueros.

Variations in spelling include Salgaro, Solgaro, Salga, Salgoe, Salgoes, Salgor, Salsga, Salsgo, Selga, Selgo, and Solgueiro(s).

Surnames that are of the same origin as Salgado include Salce, Salcés, Salcea, Salcie, Salcies, Salciu, Salciu (Romanian), Salcio, Salcioni, Salciu (also Romanian), Saler, Saleras, Salers, Salerio, Salot, Saloga, Salogaño and Saloi.

Mostly prevalent in Spain, Portugal and the Latin American countries of Mexico and Cuba, Salgado is also found in France, USA and Canada, often as a result of immigration.

The Salgado surname also occurs to a certain extent in Romania and is probably brought about by contacts between the two countries. It is becoming increasingly common to combine different spellings, including Salga and Solgado, which serves to broaden the smile of the Salgado surname.

Famous people with the name Salgado

  • Francis Salgado: Professional volleyball player who serves as top player for the Philippine Men's National Volleyball Team.
  • Addison Salgado: Chilean swimmer who has won numerous medals throughout his career and has represented Chile in the Olympics.
  • João Batista de Oliveira Salgado: Brazilian footballer who has had an impressive career with various clubs in both Brazil and Spain, including Atlético Madrid.
  • Héctor Salgado: Mexican football player and coach who is currently the manager of Atletico San Luis in Mexico.
  • Víctor Hugo Salgado: Peruvian singer and composer who has released over 15 albums and has a strong presence in the Latin America music scene.
  • Ximena Salgado: Chilean actress, singer, and television personality who has featured in many television shows and movies such as "El Paseo 2".
  • Alberto Salgado: Spanish professional football player and manager who currently serves as the head coach of the Ecuadorian club, Macará.
  • Francisco Salgado: Brazilian Olympic basketball player who competed in the sport as part of the national team in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Marcela Salgado: Uruguayan actress, television presenter, and model who has been featured in films and television series across Latin America and Spain.
  • Rafael Salgado: Venezuelan singer and actor who is best known for the hit “Quítate Tu Pa’ Ponerme Yo”.

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